Waduda Paradiso

Co-Founder, Art Director, A&R

Waduda claims to be biographically challenged, due to the fact that she’s still trying to figure out the answer to the eternal question, ‘Who am I?’. Nevertheless, her “biographers” here at New Earth have managed to sniff out a few details about the life she’s lived this time around. Here they are, in no particular order whatsoever:

As the co-founder of New Earth Records, Waduda’s job is to take care of New Earth’s highly talented and sensitive artists and make sure they’re happy. She’s also NER’s art director and makes sure our album covers look pretty.

Waduda studied Psychology at the University of Rome, where she became a regular contributor to the hugely popular Radio Donna, Italy’s first and only feminist radio station.

She’s voting for Lao Tzu for president.

She claims to have learned to hear the sound of one hand clapping from the great Hariprasad Chaurasia, whom she’s also had the honor of accompanying on tambura.

At an early age, Waduda began her quest for the “truth.” When she met Osho in the mid-70s, she found what she’d been looking for all along. She was spontaneously initiated into the inner revolution and began the never-ending journey from knowledge to knowing.

Waduda gives regular seminars and lectures on the subject of hypnosis and meditation for trasformazione, and contributes regularly to various Italian magazines on the subject of wellness, music and Eastern philosophy.

She recently moved from the wilderness of Northern New Mexico with her beloved Bhikkhu to the beautiful Boulder, Colorado. She travels regularly to India, around the earth and beyond the “bleep that we know,” always together with il suo amore grande.


Music, painting, dance, theater, architecture, life as a creative artist,  An Inconvient Truth, movies, chic black pants, nature, hiking, tantric yoga, opera, veganism, cooking and eating organic food.

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