Meet the Team

Co-Founder, President

Bhikkhu Schober, co-founder of New Earth Records, vegan, organic food addict, pacifist, meditator. Involved in anything green and sustainable since the seventies when he participated in one of the first health food stores in Amsterdam. Read more about Bhikkhu.

Co-Founder, Art Director, A&R

Waduda claims to be biographically challenged, due to the fact that she’s still trying to figure out the answer to the eternal question, who am I? Nevertheless, her “biographers” here at New Earth have managed to sniff out a few details about the life she’s lived this time around. Read more about Waduda.

Digital Media Specialist

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Tessa has been surrounded by the latest technology, the fastest and most energy-efficient cars, and an overwhelming amount of media for as long as she can remember. These constantly changing trends within the consumer society appealed to her and… Read more about Tessa.

Rights Manager

Raised in New York City, Geri was deeply immersed in that city’s music scene. Aside from being a performing singer-songwriter, she worked as a music licensing specialist at PolyGram-Universal, EMI-Capitol Records and Warner Music Group. A long-time Yoga and Reiki practitioner, Geri has devoted years to deepening her practice in those modalities. She has shared Yoga and Reiki with people from all walks of life, from investment bankers to people undergoing medical treatment… Read more about Geri.

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