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Sweet Awakenings marks the return of Terry Oldfield solo after several albums in which they served other instrumentalists to accompany his compositions; is the case of his wife Soraya Sorayaswati those years ago, and his brother Mike in the album Journey Into Space . In this new album, Oldfield is based on the sound of the acoustic guitar, piano, keyboards and synthesizers, but found the protagonist flute, an instrument beloved by the artist; Terry says: ” It ‘s been a wonderful journey for me, back to the simplicity of the flute – which helped me to realize the flow of the music. “Sweet Awakenings will be officially launched on September 1 under the label New Earth Records consist of 11 cuts that maintain the distinctive musical style of Terry.

The first track Awakenings Sweet has been featured as the single of the same. “Quiet Lake” is probably the song where we hear more guitar Terry, thereafter leaving center stage to the wind instruments and piano. “Quiet Lake” will mark the general character of the CD.

Support from Terry on synthesizers is scarce, but when it does get fully capture attention, albeit mild form as in this case. “Moonrise” has a title that makes it clear the music profile. In this track, the instruments are positioned above the flute. Beautiful composition!.

“Falling Leaves” is music for relaxation. No catchy melodies that call our attention, the music focuses on clean and crystalline sounds of keyboards and guitar, flute, leaving the role of hypnotist … Pura peace.

“Morning Star” continues in the same vein of “Falling Leaves” is in fact a continuation of the previous track. Same instruments, virtually the same production and flute as a star.

Endearing and warm is “Melting Snow”, a piece in which the keyboard has its moment of glory for a moment, giving way to the flute later. Electronic keyboard and flute maintain an affective dialogue.

Terry puts music to the sense of freedom which is spotted a blue sky dotted with white clouds and dense. “Passing Clouds” is sweet, very sweet, where the flute manages to keep the listener in a state of complete calm, carefree, magnifying the word peace.

The native flute is common Terry albums. In Sweet Awakenings only serves as an introduction to the flute, but “Sunlight Dancing” marks an exception. Both instruments maintain a quiet conversation between keyboards and synthesizers almost negligible.

With the same feeling that a beautiful lullaby appears “In the Blink of an Eye”. The piano and the flute tone warm melodies that are accompanied by plucking a guitar. It’s a real lullaby.

The most complete and beautiful piece of all is undoubtedly “Ripples”, where Terry started a deep piano melody. Dark and sorrowful, the flute takes to make an appearance, but together they form a great tandem. “Ripples” is the surprise Sweet Awakenings, a piece that marks a slight change in the general character of the album.

With “Above and Below” back to Sweet Awakenings after the pleasant surprise that supposed “Ripples”. Flute, guitar and piano give life to this piece that is ideal as background music.

Another beauty of the CD is the piece that closes, “In the Fading Light”. Again the keyboard steals the limelight from the winds, leaving it to the short sides. “In the Fading Light” is romantic, peaceful, and style found in previous issues of the artist as his success Dreamer .

Distant voices and natural sounds, Terry Oldfield returns more acoustic than ever. Sweet Awakenings is based on instruments like flutes (especially the flute), classical guitar and piano, to offer the listener a context of perfect evasion. A very personal album where the artist, true to style musical offering since 2001 under the label New Earth Records , bet on no more than four instruments to create an extraordinary atmosphere of peace. Sweet Awakenings is highly recommended to let your imagination, or simply relax album.

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