A Meditation for Pains Small or Great

Anando, whose name aptly translates to mean bliss in Sanskrit, uses her tranquil voice to guide the listener through a healing visualization. Friendly and warm, her voice sounds like the ideal combination of friend, teacher, and mother. Rather than deal with forgiveness, Anando deals only with the repercussions of personal pain and how to heal […]

Terry Oldfield’s May Tour Dates

Terry Oldfield’s May Tour Dates May 14, 2015: One Spirit Festival, Congress Centre, Freudenstad May 19, 2015: Concert in Zurich, Blauer Saal, Volkshaus, Zurich May 22, 2015: Concert in Stein, Kerani Music Studio, Wilhelminaplein 11 6171 EN Stein, NL May 23, 2015: Concert in Belgium, “Court at Dale” May 30, 2015: Concert in Strijen, N/L, […]

Lisa Lynne’s Upcoming Performances

Lisa Lynne’s Upcoming Shows March 25 CA – San Francisco West Portal Library Solo Concert & Hands-on-Harps workshop for beginners. Harps provided. Info Here March 26 CA – Bakersfield Mercy Hospital Art Center Solo concert & Hands-on-Harps. Info here March 27 CA – Sonora House concert & Harps workshop March 28 CA – San Jose […]

Kidney for Bhikkhu

Bhikkhu Schober, the Co-Founder and Co-Owner of New Earth Records, currently resides in the beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Five years ago, he had a massive heart attack which immensely effected his life and caused his kidney to begin to fail. For nearly three years now, Bhikkhu has been on peritoneal home dialysis. Despite these tough circumstances, […]

Spiraling Vortexes of Energy

Flautist and composer Terry Oldfield and his wife, Australian born Soraya Saraswati, have spent years traveling across the globe, giving workshops that combine music with meditation and holistic healing. Dancing Through the Chakras is a single-track CD, a long, beautiful path to the ecstasy of increased mind-body-spirit awareness through dance and focus on our bodies’ […]

Sangita Yoga

Sangita Yoga is a musical offering of Naren’s soulful voice chanting sacred Indian texts, together with his original raga-based compositions that feature guest musicians on sarangi, tabla, santoor, violin and cello. Now Available!

Review of ‘Crystal Chakra Healing’

Crystal Chakra Healing features specially selected crystal bowls played by one of seven people featured on the recording (the first seven tracks are the chakras themselves, e.g. root, heart, throat) while the final track unites all the chakra aligned crystal bowls played by the participants. Very much a purely meditative recording (as opposed to some […]

New Catalog Out Now!

In order to protect the environment, New Earth Records does not print a physical consumer catalog anymore. Click here to view our digital, flip-through catalog!

Review of Anando’s ‘Sleep Deep’

A former personal assistant and student of the revolutionary meditation teacher Osho, Anando grew up in Australia and worked as an actress, dancer, and lawyer before a visit to India and a meeting with Osho awakened her soul and sense of higher purpose. Since then she’s traveled the world doing workshops, speaking on the health […]

Review of Khan’s ‘Tibet Shakti’

Al Gromer Khan is best known for fusing Indian sitar music with electronics to create exotic, ambient soundscapes. Tibet Shakti is a dramatic departure for him, on which he plays a variety of Tibetan and Bengali singing bowls–and that’s it. The tones and verberations from these instruments impart a sense of deep calm and stillness. […]

Interview with Lisa Lynne

Lisa Lynne is a veteran performer who has toured non-stop for the past five years. She has sold over 300,000 albums of her self-produced, original music featuring her Celtic harp. From her humble beginnings as a street performer to her topping the Billboard New Age chart, Lisa has gained valuable insights along the road to […]

Review of Oldfield’s ‘Dancing Through the Chakras”

Flautist and composer Terry Oldfield and his wife, Australian–born Soraya Saraswati, have spent years traveling across the globe, giving workshops that combine music with meditation and holistic healing. Dancing Through the Chakras is a single-track CD, a long, beautiful path to the ecstasy of increased mind-body-spirit awareness through dance and focus on our bodies’ seven […]

A Message from Kim Waters

Greetings friends of New Earth. Some of you know, that in addition to being the singer of Rasa, I am also a visual artist. I am currently living in Rockville Maryland, where I have a beautiful studio. Having taken a hiatus from recording or performing, has allowed me to focus more fully, on a couple […]

New Earth Records Changed its Distribution!

(October 15, 2014) Now celebrating its 25th year, New Earth Records happily announces an agreement with Boulder, Colorado-based Sounds True to become the independent label’s exclusive distributor in the United States. New Earth Records products will be distributed and marketed by Sounds True beginning October 20, 2014. New Earth Records was founded in September 1989 […]

How To Order

For European Orders office@newearthrecords.com For International Orders wfc@wrightful.com 541-488-3344 For US & Canadian Orders: New Earth Records has changed its distribution! We are happy to announce that our products are now distributed by Sounds True. By Phone 888-303-9185 x130 By Mail Please order by full title and product code, ISBN, or UPC code. Include your […]

A Message from Parijat

Recently I have been composing and recording the music for a Chinese documentary about personal growth. It is the first time that I have created music for a film, however I feel as if I’ve always done this. The documentary is currently in the post-production phase – more details, including the name of the film, […]

New Age Music Heals Dogs

New Earth Records was touched to read this message from Big Dog Ranch Rescue to Parijat regarding the healing effects of new age music. Thank you, Geraldina! Hello Parijat, I have been meaning to write to you for some time ~ now here we are ~ the right time has appeared! I hope that you […]

Terry & Soraya 2014 European Tour Dates

October 10, 2014: Concert in Lier, Belgium October 17, 2014: Concert in Strijen, Netherlands October 18, 2014: Concert in Hoogersmilde, Netherlands October 19, 2014: Concert #2 in Strijen, Netherlands October 25, 2014: Concert in Spain October 26, 2014: “The Science of Inner Stillness” Workshop in Spain October 28, 2014: Concert in Copenhagen October 29, 2014: […]



This CD incorporates a global mixture of instruments, including the Chinese erhu, Japanese shakuhachi flute, East Indian tamboura and Tibetan bowls, as well as shimmering keyboard textures.

Suggested Retail Price: $16.98

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