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Manish Vyas – Atma Bhakti “This music was designed for prayer, meditation and creating a space for the listener, especially anyone who does yoga or follows other devotional practices, to help connect with a higher level of consciousness…. Vyas bridges the gap between traditional music from India and the delightful contemporary world-influences music scene.” – […]

Sheela Bringi on Tour in 2016

Sheela Bringi live

All summer long, Sheela Bringi will be performing live at venues across the United States and beyond, including several appearances at Wanderlust festivals across the country. Sheela’s tour will include a special pre-release kirtan and concert in celebration of her upcoming New Earth Records album, Shakti Sutra. Sheela Bringi Tour Dates Wanderlust Snowshoe June 3 – […]



Immortelle is the latest offering from Deuter. Deuter’s music has always been inspired by Nature, and this album is dedicated to healing: each track has been given the name of a medicinal plant that has helped humanity for millennia. Deuter is a master of receiving the sounds that no one can hear and translating them […]



Immortelle is Deuter’s latest offering, an expression of gratitude toward Nature expressed by flute, keyboard, cello, piano, guitar, and vocals.


Here you’ll find high-resolution, press-quality images of some of our artists for both web and print. Deuter         Kamal

Deuter & Hans Christian Nominated for Album of the Year


New Earth Records is pleased to announce that Deuter’s Illumination of the Heart and Hans Christian’s Nanda Devi are two out of five nominees for Zone Music Reporter’s Album of the Year! In addition, Deuter will be receiving ZMR’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and his album Illumination of the Heart is a finalist for Best Meditation/Relaxation […]

Beyond Karma


The Gyuto Monks of Tibet, Kim Cunio, and Heather Lee present Beyond Karma – a rare mix of sacred sound from different cultures melding into a unique journey into emptiness – the sound of purity itself.

Beyond Karma

Beyond Karma

The Gyuto Monks are joined by Australia’s finest sacred music duo, Kim Cunio and Heather Lee, weaving the sonorous chant of the Gyuto monastery with traditional and newly composed music from Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Download on iTunes Download on Amazon Download on Bandcamp Coming soon to Google Play & Sounds True!

Kidney for Bhikkhu

Bhikkhu Schober, the Co-Founder and Co-Owner of New Earth Records, currently resides in the beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Six years ago, he had a massive heart attack which immensely effected his life and caused his kidney to begin to fail. For nearly four years now, Bhikkhu has been on peritoneal home dialysis. Despite these tough circumstances, he has […]

A New Level of Spiritual Music

bells small

The Music Industry News Network describes Manish Vyas’ new recording, Atma Bhakti, as taking spiritual music to a whole new level. Continue reading this wonderful review. Manish Vyas, a composer, multi-instrumentalist and singer from India, has emerged as a popular talent in world-fusion and devotional music due to his musical studies with some of the most recognized pandits […]

Music of Cosmic Illumination

Illumination of the Heart continues Deuter’s tradition of creating wonderfully spiritual music for tranquility, serenity of mind, body and soul. This album features the musician playing flutes, keyboards, cello, piano, guitar, and some voices accompanied by gentle, low-key drumming that keeps the music pulsing along. There are 8 tracks on the album, all from 5 to […]

Healing Sounds of Prayer

Yoga Teacher Harnal Kaur reviews Manish Vyas’s new album, Atma Bhakti, for Osho News. The first time, I played the album in the morning, after my yoga session and before sunrise. I was transported right away to another space. The CD has music for a total of one hour, yet there is an anchor harmoniously […]

Title List

Catalog # Album Title Artist(s) 3009 Across the Universe Terry Oldfield 3011 All the Rivers Gold Terry Oldfield 3154 Atma Bhakti Manish 2906 Atmospheres Deuter 2803 Awakening of the Heart Turiya 3301 Birth Without Violence DVD: NTSC Frederick Leboyer 3109 Breath of Fire Kavi 2308 Buddha Garden Parijat 2702 Buddha Moon Chinmaya Dunster 2104 Buddha […]

Music from the World of Osho

Osho’s disciples came from every corner of the globe, and the music played at his gatherings reflected that. Each day’s celebration in the presence of Osho might feature a different collection of musicians, usually exploring a spontaneous theme whose treatment would reflect their particular talents. Unexpected combinations were normal: Indian sarod, Brazilian percussion, classical flute […]

Osho Talks

Osho’s thousands of hours of extemporaneous talks on nearly every topic of concern were all recorded and offered as videos, tapes, CDs, DVDs, and downloads to be listened to anywhere, by anyone. In Osho Talks, he answers questions submitted to him, or comments on the teachings of other mystics and religious traditions. Mind as psychology, mind […]

Osho Active Meditations

Osho is known for his revolutionary contribution to the science of inner transformation, with an approach to meditation that acknowledges the accelerated pace of contemporary life. Stressful living and unexpressed emotions can affect our ability to live joyfully and relate to others. New Earth Records’ Osho Active Meditations are scientifically designed to effectively release these tensions […]

The Perfect Album for Yoga

Writer from the Renaissance Granddad, E. K. Karn, discusses why Deuter’s 2015 release Reiki Hands of Love is the perfect album for yoga. This morning I decided to go to Zone Music Reporter to find some music to listen to while I was doing my morning yoga routine. The first album that caught my attention was Reiki Hands of Love from Deuter. […]

Deuter Reiki Music

Reiki is the term for a gentle system of healing, mostly by touch of hands. Many natural health practitioners seek music that will work with the subtle vibrations of Reiki: smooth, ambient music. For over three decades, thousands of healing practitioners have discovered the magic of Deuter’s music. The unique healing qualities of his arrangements have […]

Deuter Nature Sounds

“The sounds of birds, water and wind are often no longer perceived consciously. We have become so accustomed to them , they have faded into oblivion, or they are covered up by man-made noises. By attending to nature sounds, we lift them back up into our awareness and allow them to have their harmonizing effects […]

Deuter Celebration Music

Deuter intentionally selects celebration music that he finds to be both very heartfelt and simple; music which has been played and sung throughout the centuries. He chooses tracks from the 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries, and more specifically, creates music inspired by Johann Sebastian Bach, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Praetorius, and beyond. New Age icon […]

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