Oshodontics with Devageet

Swami Devageet’s 2014 Seminar Schedule

August 2: Niwot, Colorado | Meta-Meditation Day

August 8-10: Austin, Texas | Osho’s Akashic Transmission | A Taster

August 16-23: Cancun, Mexico | The Mud and the Lotus | Transomatic Starlight for Self-Healing

September 16-28: Aegina, Greece | Akashic-Transomatic Seminar Retreat with model sessions

October 1-20: Aegina, Greece | Akashic-Transomatic Buddhafield | Including Akashic Processes, Akashic Buddhafield Retreat, and The Rainbow Oshodontic Process–The Red Octave

November 8-15: Osho Miasto, Italy | Sono-Luce: Healer and the Mystic

December 10 – 23: Osho Miasto, Italy | Transomatic Starlight Colour Dialogue Training | Module 3 | Transomatic Session Skills, Bardo-Karmic Starlight Transomatic Dialogue for Self-Healing

Dec 25-26: Meditation Weekend

For questions and more information, please email Devageet directly: [email protected]

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