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The music of Wind & Mountain is specifically designed to help you let go of unconscious tension and lead you into a space of inner stillness.

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A favorite of healers and body workers, the music of Wind & Mountain is specifically designed to help you let go of unconscious tension and lead you into a space of inner stillness. Peaceful, slow frequencies and revitalizing high notes are orchestrated into a sweeping musical experience.

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    “According to C.G. Deuter, the prolific musician and meditation master who composed, performed and produced Wind & Mountain, the purpose of his latest recording is to release tension and bring the two brain hemispheres into equilibrium with one another. To this end, he undercoats his mix of flute, piano and keyboard with alpha-wave frequencies, soft voices and sounds of nature.
    Deuter’s extensive study of various cultures’ musical traditions in the six lighter-than-air compositions presented here. Asian, Indian, Native American and modern Western influences are combined to create a sound that transcends any particular region’s style.
    The mastery of texture shown is indicative of the more than three decades Deuter has spent recording his distinctive type of relaxation music. For instance, the bells on the title track give the song a shimmering, translucent quality reminiscent of sunlight sparkling on water. The drum heard on the same song is used tastefully and sparingly enough to keep the mood tranquil while giving the music a sense of forward motion. The flute on “Silver Cloud” rests above the keyboards like morning mist on a still lake.
    Deuter’s skills as a composer and performer of deeply calming music have long been an asset to practitioners of massage, healing hypnotherapy. This album makes a worthy and welcome addition to his expensive body of work.”

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    “Here’s one sure to become a favorite with healers and bodyworkers. The peaceful, slow frequencies and revitalizing high notes are orchestrated into a sweeping musical experience specifically designed to release unconscious tension and lead the listener into a space of inner stillness. Once again Deuter scores New Times “Album of the month” status”

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    “Deuter has created a body of healing/relaxation music that delves into the silence of existence. The music is deliberately designed to transport the listener beyond the external world of materialization and deadlines to the inner world of peace, joy and consciousness. Music once again as the universal communicative, is used to patiently explore the non-verbal aspects of being.
    Deuter is a master of atmospheric music. He deftly uses his flute, in combination with synthesizer created layers of dreamlike passages to create an environment that touches the listeners body, then slowly and gently carries you over to the other side. Deuter stimulates the soul’s ability to let go of the stress and tension of our day to day lives by altering the vibrations that stimulate our senses. Our senses (specifically hearing and feeling), then act as a release valve to the deeper realms his is musically exploring.

    In the inner notes Deuter explains some simple techniques that can be used to facilitate the above mentioned experience. They do work even if your not familiar with meditative techniques that help us to relax. The inner exploration aspect of Deuter’s music is up to the individual listener’s desire to want to let go and release ones self from the external world. The experience is positive, rejuvenating and life affirming. I highly recommend this CD as a meditative tool, or simple as music that is awe inspiring of the majesty and enchantment of planet Earth.”

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    “C.G. Deuter is a well-respected pioneer in the realm of healing and meditation music. For over 25 years he has studied and applied the principles of harmonics and the broad array of musical traditions to create and compose some of the most sought after relaxation music in the world. With Wind & Mountain, Deuter has specifically designed six original pieces to help release the conscious and unconscious tensions of the body and soul. Deuter uses slow, peaceful frequencies and alpha waves to help balance and create a grounding effect. The bright flute and piano evoke a feeling of freshness and clarity. Together, Wind & Mountain is an exquisite creation of sounds to promote deep states of relaxation. Starting with the title track and culminating with ‘Flowing’ and ‘Morning Birds’, Wind & Mountain brings you to true stillness the joyfully lifts you back, recharged and vibrant. Look for this beautifully produced album and get ready to embark on a sweeping musical and emotional experience.”

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