Tibet: Nada Himalaya 2

Tibet: Nada Himalaya 2 Deuter

Take a journey to the depths of your inner being with this totally refreshing CD, where harmonic tones reach into an infinite universe allowing the body to come into a natural state of equanimity.

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The sublime harmonic vibrations of the Tibetan bowls and Deuter’s ability to access the purity of their sustained ringing tones resonates deep within consciousness, transporting the listener to a world of serenity and peace. In Tibet: Nada Himalaya 2, Deuter invites you to take a journey to the depths of your inner being with this totally refreshing CD, where harmonic tones reach into an infinite universe allowing the body to come into a natural state of equanimity.

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    “An exceptional effort dedicated to the ancient Tibetan tradition of singing bowls and bells, Deuter’s Tibet: Nada Himalaya 2 is a 78.5-minute meditational wonder. Deuter has created musical prayer in its simplest and most elemental form. The lack of identifiable melody or structure instantly brings listeners to a deep and solid contemplative space, as reverberations pulse through the muscles and bones.While the entire album is filled with consistent sound, there is a notable silence that accompanies it, too, an emptiness that makes room for whatever the spirit wishes to make known. This beautiful, mesmerizing album is an outstanding selection for practitioners of yoga, massage, meditation, and other healing body work. Offer it for listening on your store headphones, so your customers can sample its full effect.”

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    “This sequel to Deuter’s first Tibetan singing bowl CD was intended to lead the listener into a deeper exploration of sacred sound and meditative states. These tracks contain the power, grace and beauty of the first CD, but were composed to be used individually for shorter meditations, as well as designed to flow together as one 78-minute piece. While the CD works great for meditation, it is even more powerful to use with shavasana (relaxation pose) and healing work. The highly resonate and harmonic Tibetan singing bowls are masterfully recorded and combined to enhance their natural soothing and stress relieving properties.”

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    “One of my primary focuses in music-making has always been to create music which helps one to cross the threshold into the inner silence. Or to express it more colorfully: to touch the Divine, the Source which is in all of us. This album is designed to do just that. Sounds without a melody or a story create a space where one loses all sense of time. And time is a man made structure; it is past and future. Listening happens in the here and now. Free from time and the ego-self we reach the Oneness, the Healing.”

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    “Beautifully recorded in an ambient acoustic, Nada Himalaya 2 is anything but a “chance” collection of sounds. Deuter know what he’s doing, and his record label is right there with him. Arrestingly precise, high-pitched, bell-like sounds are delivered with all their complexity of resonant overtones; larger, lower-frequency background gongs and drones extend way beyond the speakers to envelop the listener. If ever there was an argument for a high-end sound system (or at least for proper speaker placement and decent equipment), this is it. Forget the edgy MP3s; this recording of seven extended meditations delivers other-worldly dividends.
    Why is this disc of Tibetan singing bowls different from any other disc of Tibetan bowls? Because it far more than a collection of pretty sounds. Any one of these seven compositions, ideal for meditation and massage, is capable of transporting you to another time and place.
    Tibetan bowls emit extraordinary harmonics and overtones when rubbed with a mallet. While they have been cast and used for centuries by monks as objects of meditation, it’s the consciousness that’s brought to their creation and playing that determines in large part to what realms of higher consciousness they can transport the listener.
    In this case, that the player is Deuter makes all the difference, and the proof in the listening. Reserve time to sit quietly before or after a session, listening through a sound system fine enough to reproduce the otherworldly array of sounds that Deuter draws from these bells. Within minutes, the intelligence that infuses these sonic meditations will begin to affect you. Anxieties will melt, and you will sense the price that comes form connection with the divine. As long as you can massage and float simultaneously, your client will as well.”

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