Tears for Tibet


The plight of the land and people of Tibet are treated to Terry Oldfield’s rare musical balm on this heartfelt and healing album.

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Product Description

The plight of the land and people of Tibet are treated to Terry Oldfield’s Tears for Tibet, a rare musical balm on this hearfelt and healing album.

All music composed, arranged and performed by Terry Oldeld, and featuring the voices of Imogen Moore, Phuntsog Wangyal of the Tibet Foundation, and the children of Chalford Hill School.

Tibet will be liberated. Our struggle must remain non-violent and free of hatred.” ~Dalai Lama

Track List

1. Footprint of Buddha’s Children 24:50
2. Tears for Tibet 25:26

Total Time: 50:16


  1. “TEARS FROM TIBET is Terry Oldfield’s homage to the struggles of the Tibetan people. In the liner notes, Oldfield describes the soundscape as bittersweet, which is true; the compositions are at once happy and sad. The story of the Tibetan refugees is a tragic one and the music’s somber, at times longing tone reflects that. Yet, Oldfield often opts for a victorious air, depicting the fact that these poor souls may have lost their home, but their spirit cannot be broken. The music is often focused on the wispy beauty of Oldfield’s flute playing, which provides the cornerstone for the album’s melodies. Synthesizer moods are used to evoke emotions in the listener, while the sounds of brisk wintry winds whistle through the album’s backdrops. Excerpts of the Dalai Lama speaking and chatter from children playing also add a sense of gravity to the music. ”

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