Sun Spirit

Sun Spirit (small)

Sun Spirit celebrates the essence of the sun with captivating melodies brought to life with spirited flute, synthesizer and drum.

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Product Description

Internationally acclaimed musician and composer Deuter has become known as a pioneer, combining contemporary and traditional musical forms. He has created music that is at once meditative and inspiring. This long-awaited album, Sun Spirit, celebrates the essence of the sun with captivating melodies brought to life with spirited flute, synthesizer and drum.

Another extraordinary and long-awaited classic from Deuter. Reaching into the inner dimensions of the symbolism of the sun, Deuter masterfully creates music that manifests the solar power of positive diurnal consciousness. Listen to Sun Spirit and be illuminated.” ~Manuela Dunn Mascetti, author of The Illustrated Rumi: Wisdom from the Poet of the Soul

Track List

1. Zauberwald 5:31
2. Yellow Mandala 8:40
3. Sunlight Dancing 4:05
4. Apres La Pluie 6:36
5. Distant Islands 6:37
6. Horizon 6:16
7. Green Mandala 5:47
8. Sun Spirit 6:14
9. White Bird, Blue Sky 7:28

Total Time: 57:14

©2000 New Earth Records / NE 2003
Published by Shiva Shakti Music Publishing BMI


  1. “German New Age flutist and keyboardist¬ˆcomposer Deuter is noted for his deeply healing albums that mix eastern and western musical styles and spirituality for an array of purposes (from Reiki to whale-saving). For the spritely, jubilant Sun Spirit, he takes the “purpose” aspects away to simply make music that moves and inspires, as bright and life-affirming as the Van Gogh album cover (a detail from his famous painting “Olive Trees”). Deuter’s spirit dwells in a land between genres, dancing with a loping, fretless bass, some tinkling bell percussion, and keyboards like glass icicles forming in a fire, with a shepherd’s flute piping in like a wandering gypsy traversing a meadow.
    Opener “Zauberwald” finds Deuter on his alto flute in a manner that recalls a mournful Irish tin whistle and Andean pipe-flute vibe as gently playing guitars and galloping percussion follow alongside like children to a pied piper. Many albums and composers use “sun” and “sunlight” in their titles, but when Deuter does he means it: “Sunlight Dancing” sparkles and moves with healing waves of sunlight in a joyous dance with low-end flutes that merge with voices and happy low percussion below a flittering ephemeral series of soaring high notes. Cast almost entirely in a gauze of childlike wonderment, this is Deuter free of any worries about seeming “cool.” He’s expressing deep happiness from his pure musical heart, and everything about Sun Spirit sparkles with unashamed openness. You can hear something deep at work in how the gorgeously nocturne-ish piano of “Apres La Pluie” slowly turns into steel-drum jubilation or in the single-drum hits that mark an offset percussive ! note against a melody that is at once both ancient Chinese, Native American, Mediterranean gypsy, and Celtic in “Horizon.”
    Of course, all Deuter’s musical ideas are rooted in a mass of cross-pollinated musical ideas that traverse time and spatial boundaries, so when a moody gypsy violin comes rolling in during the heights of “Horizon,” you feel like you’re part of a happy family gathered around a beautiful camp bonfire, inviting just one more straggler in from the cold with his own history and story to tell. Soon he’s swallowed up in the swooning rhythms of a group, all grateful they found each other in the darkness, and all united with the bright and shining mind of this man called Deuter. Listen, dance, play along, or just have it on for background, and let its all-encompassing bliss enfold you, oh, tired straggler.”

  2. “From one of the inspired masters of synthesizer-based music (previous titled include Nada Himalaya and Garden of the Gods), this CD fulfills it’s evocative title’s bright promise. Lilting uplifting melodies with a playful dance of tabla, flutes and violin/viola (played by Annette Cantor) invite us to get up and move right along with that spirit of live surging through all things. Deuter writes, ‘This music is a celebration of the times when we know we are alive, when we feel and breathe the joy of being. When we are a sun ourselves, shining from within, radiating our own light.’ Having alluded to this music’s joyful, active, movement-inducing qualities, it may seem paradoxical to also call it meditative/devotional, but that is it’s magic. It is conductive to an alert and contemplative state of being – welcoming and full of celebratory gratitude. The cover (from Van Gogh’s vibrant ‘Olive Trees’) is an apt visual invitation to this truly solar music.”

  3. “The sun is coming up over the horizon, the first rays are beginning to find there way into our windows. The joy, majesty, and awe of being alive enter through our windows with those sun rays. It’s going to be a beautiful day and we’re going to be part of it. It is from this scenario that Deuter draws his muse. Sunlight divine light eternal, illuminating our soul and consciousness, radiating inward and outward as a beacon of creativity and love.
    The musical ambiance Deuter creates is through his flute playing. The melodies are light and lilting, pure light. He weaves his music through unseen patterns, hearkening to the invisible, yet grounded in the moment. There is a feeling of finding your way, floating, bus still moving forward, nudged on by the occasional bent of the table. Deuter has created music that explores beyond the outer senses, looking for the passage inward to the very core of divine creation.
    There are very subtle musical changes taking place. Each change is designed to correspond with a new awakening within. Deuter slightly alters the beat and tempo to achieve this effect, while still retaining the happiness and peace in each one of his compositions. Easy listening, a nice feel, good for a hectic day release.”

  4. “Considering that his celebrated career now spans over 30 years, it is amazing that deuter can still match his best efforts (not so easy when your discography includes such classics as Land of Enchantment and Cicada) But returning to his world travels to bask in the Santa Fe sun must have recharged his German born musician’s creative batteries, since this new offering is nothing short of brilliant. Sun Spirit is a luminous look at all things bright and beautiful, seen with eyes illuminated with divine inspiration. From the effervescent ‘Zauberwald’ to the spacious poem, ‘White Bird, Blue Sky,’ Deuter fills each musical phrase with radiance; the sounds seem to glimmer and gleam with an inner light, spreading a blanket of warmth over the soul. While best known for focusing on the sound of silence in his previous work (most notably, in the crystalline sounds of Nada Himalaya), this proudly boisterous release is more a dance than a meditation, and a celebration of universal consciousness made manifest through music.”

  5. “Sun Spirit is a welcome return to earlier form for Deuter, with souring woodwinds, flowing guitars, and fresh, percolating rhythms that create a sense of celebration akin to “Land of Enchantment” or “Nirvana Road.” He salutes and derives themes from the essence of the sun with his captivating, souring melodies, playing, composing and producing all the music with the exception of violin by Annette Cantor and tabla on one track by Adi Pieper. Right from the first notes, it is easy to tell that something special is in store, and having loved his earlier catalog of titles, this is indeed a special treat, a chance for everyone to let their own sun shine. Music from a true master.”

  6. “Sun Spirit by Deuter feels like a musical dance. To compare the auditory experience to a visual one, listening to this CD is like walking into a garden with walls of multicolored flowers with the technicolor turned up to 11 on a scale of 1-10. But to do the analogy justice you would have to dance through the garden and feel the energy of the flowers in your whole body.
    “Deuter is touted as a master of New Age/meditation music. He was a pioneer of electronic music and has an impressive discography of 43 releases dating back to 1790. A recent release that might be a familiar is Reiki hands of light.His motto, ‘As far as the ear can listen,’ is a great introduction to Sun Spirit’s nine tracks of instrumental music. The inspiration for this recording is the Sin, the essence of the highest consciousness, there at the center of the universe, it’s heat and light permeating everything. Deuter says, ‘This music is the celebration of the time when we know we are alive, when we feel and breathe the joy of being.
    Like many of Deuter’s previous recordings, Sun Spirit has a lot of movement – he layers recorders, guitars, synthesizers, piano, violin and tabla (Indian kettle drums) , to name a few. With it’s lack of slow, long, drawn-out notes and quiet space typical of this kind of music, I feared that it might not inspire relaxation. But the first client I played it for promptly fell asleep. So much for assumptions!”

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