Spa Lounge

Spa Lounge Deuter Anugama Parijat Kamal New Earth Records

Uplifting and rejuvenating, this CD is ideal for enhancing or creating the healing ambiance of the spa environment.

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Product Description

This mellow selection of exquisite tracks is designed to enhance the healing ambiance of a spa. Music from Deuter, Anugama, Parijat and Kamal creates a gently rejuvenating sonic environment without being too deeply relaxing. Uplifting and rejuvenating, this CD is ideal for enhancing or creating the healing ambiance of the spa environment. Music from four accomplished musicians graces this extraordinary collection. Close your eyes, relax and enter the Spa Lounge!

Great for spa reception and pre- or post-treatment areas, or for any setting where a calming yet uplifting milieu is desired.” ~Ralph Moller, President, AromaLand Inc.

Track List

1. Apres La Pluie by Deuter 6:36
2. Ruparah by Parijat 5:51
3. Shamanic Journey by Anugama 10:20
4. Subandallah by Parijat 9:53
5. Morning Glory by Anugama 5:03
6. Shaku Sunset by Anugama 5:25
7. Silent Wave by Deuter 7:37
8. Circles by Parijat 7:04
9. Shaku Hajitales (Native Mix) by Kamal 5:22

Total Time: 63:11

©2002 New Earth Records / NE 2310
Published by Soundless Sound Music Publishing / GEMA
Manufactured and printed in Switzerland


  1. “Spa lounge, a compilation of tracks chosen by New Earth Records for their relevence to the spa atmosphere, is light and fluid, offering an assortment of moods that varies with each artist. Parijat, for example, is featured with three tracks on the album, each of which adds ethnicity (Middle Eastern) and exoticism to the mix.
    Famed flutist Deuter is responsible for the album’s lighter, more uplifting moments (“Apres la Pluie” is very nice) and Anugama alters between tribal (‘Shamanic Journey’) and impressionistic (a pair of leter tracks). The common thread is a sense of peace and calm, creating a holistic refuge for the weary soul.”

  2. “New Earth Records seem to have the niche on this kind of music. Spa Lounge sets the tone for a good hour of ultimate relaxation. Select tracks from an assortment of New Earth artists have been woven together to create a peaceful and ambient collection to help support you through a thoroughly calm and rejuvenating spa experience.Of course the CD can also be listened to whenever you feel that life has become too stressful. Try listening to this while driving and I guarantee the experience will both lighten the load as well as create safer roads for all of us.”

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