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Combining superb musicianship with passionate vocals, RASA creates a sound that is timeless and transformative, devotional, creative, evocative and soothing.

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Combining superb musicianship with passionate vocals, RASA creates a sound that is timeless and transformative, devotional, creative, evocative and soothing. A mystical prayer that taps into an ancient well of spiritual wisdom, Shelter touches upon the soul’s need for transcendence. With accompaniment from the cello, sarangi, nyckelharpa and sitar, Hans Christian and Kim Waters put forth an exceptional fusion of Indian spiritual music. Their music blends meditative, transcendental, and ethereal qualities into an elegant, contemporary style.

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    “Rasa’s latest release is a heartfelt selection of devotional songs, and classic prayers to Krishna in their own inimitable style. I recommend listening to it one song at a time. Otherwise it begins to seem as if you’re listening to the same song all the way through. Kim Waters’ voice, combined with the music of Hans Christian and Girish Gambhira, is exquisitely beautiful and meaningful, and it is obvious a lot of work has gone into the CD…”



    “Rarely have prayers to Krishna sounded so serene and so sensual at the same time. This is the fourth album from Rasa, the duo of singer Kim Waters and multi-instrumentalist Hans Christian. Overall, there’s little to differentiate this disc from the other three. Waters sings Indian chants and prayers in a voice that is soothing and serene, like velvet smoke curling around these adapted melodies. Using sophisticated programming, cello, electric bass, Indian sarangi, and Swedish nyckelharpa, Christian embeds her voice in translucent layers. Each time he touches an instrument, adding it to his textured arrangements, it’s like unlocking the key to a serpentine journey. He also brings the rhythms slightly to the fore, reinforcing the tablas of Girish Gambhira with subtle electronica grooves. But there’s no thud-thud, four-on-the-floor sell-out to a dance music subset. Waters’s voice is so serene and the grooves so relentlessly languid that Shelter becomes like a long bath. Soothing, even enlightening, but the skin gets wrinkled if you stay with it too long.”



    “Shelter offers inspiring devotional music that combines ancient Eastern mystical prayers w?th Western orchestration and ambience. The duo Rasa is a collaboration between Kim Waters’ mellow vocals and Hans Christian’s musical talents. The sound of Rasa is quite unique: sensual vocals and soaring ello and sarangi swirls weave a sacred tunic of devotional love songs in Bengali and Sanscrit. The album allows you to embark on a journey to the transcendental realm and maps a voyage towards spirit with soulful melodies and luscious grooves.”



    “This set continues a tradition kicked off by groups like Crimson that mixed music and chanting into something that could be listened to as a whole as music in it’s own right. Starting with sacred Indian music and reaching out form there, this is a throwback to what new age music was about before it became a marketing hook and cliched. Touching, deep work that won’t fail to impress the seeker needing a new touchstone.”



    “Rasa exists in the same sphere of the indian musical world as Deva Premal – that of music that vocally calls to mind ancient Vedic traditions, while instrumentally heading in a contemporary, somewhat ethereal direction. Shelter features the porcelain voice of Kim Waters singing beautifully delivered Sanscrit chants, while the duo’s second half, Hans Christian, constructs sonic atmospheres of string instruments and moody ambience. The music’s heart is in Vedic spirituality and listeners who embark on this aural journey will no doubt be touched by the sence of devotion made apparent by this album. Transcendent, sensual, elegant, – this is one of those albums that will make you long for your next meditation session.”

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