Sea & Silence


Sail to distant shores and venture to the depths with the latest from a master composer with over three decades of healing music to his credit.

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Product Description

Listening to Deuter’s Sea & Silence is like taking a walk along an empty shore. The timeless rhythm of gentle ocean waves meld with fluid, ethereal keyboards and soulful flutes to create a magical soundscape, ideal for massage and deep relaxation. Sail to distant shores and venture to the depths with the latest from a master composer with over three decades of healing music to his credit.

“I have always loved the musicality of the waves of our oceans. Unlike a musical composition, which has a beginning and an end, waves play their music in a timeless fashion, not going anywhere, not reaching toward some goal but singing about the eternity of the present moment. Waves reveal their music only to listeners who allow themselves to sink deeper into the sounds – sounds which seem to be just noise on the surface. But then, upon reflection, the waves play with a richness and fullness. So, allow a memory of the ocean to emerge… Envision the tide, feel the salt air, lean back and relax.

There is a place within us where there are no more goals to reach, no more roads to travel, no more maps to follow, no more philosophies to create, no more strategies to construct. In this place within there is peace and stillness, and with that, a fulfillment which has always been there. May this music help to touch this place in you.” ~C.G. Deuter

Track List

1. Silent Bay 7:10
2. Sea & Silence 13:30
3. Reflection I 8:40
4. Seven Sacred Pools 9:35
5. Coral Gardens 6:50
6. Reflections 2 5:40
7. Empty Shore 8:00

Total Time: 59:44

©2003 New Earth Records / NE 2301
Published by Shiva Shakti Music Publishing BMI


  1. “The use of calming and serene flutes and keyboards is synonymous with New Age music, and while they can sometimes seem overwrought, that’s never the case with the flutes and keyboards of German composer Deuter. His 2003 effort, Sea and Silence, is one of those durably timeless works of minimalist piano and flute, where drones and angelic voices come in like soft blankets of light from a morning sun through the clouds on the waves below, and a minimalist piano melody takes eloquent emotional register at the beauty of it all. Peaceful reflection is almost inevitable with such benevolent intent and musicianship that easily widens the once thin line between meditative soundscapes and emotional piano interludes for quiet nights at home. Deuter is the real thing and elevates the whole New Age genre into demanding the respect of classicists with work like Sea & Silence.

    Sublime passages abound, such as in the beautiful lullaby˜a la Beethoven˜piano of “Empty Shore,” its melody slowly revolving and invoking a healing shimmering light of cooing female voices that lap gradually into synth drones. The eloquent “Seven Sacred Pools” works a grounded flute melody off the traces of a lightly beaten conga and reverb-drenched electric guitar picked light as a feather. The following track plunges below the waves into a realm of deep stillness outside time where long echoing flute notes vibrate into being like the universal “ohm” expressing itself through birds or fish˜which meld into each other Escher-like, like light and darkness.

    The best is saved for last. The amazing title track utilizes the whole range of Deuter’s gifts, from his ability to hold long beautiful notes that shimmer like ocean-floor mirages and change from flutes to synthesizers to voices depending on how close to them you get, while achingly minimalist-piano notes create shape in the surrounding silences. Deuter’s music holds a tinge of sadness only because it always seems to be fading in its all-encompassing embrace of the light and darkness, sea and sky, life and death. The sadness is just one thing in a spectrum of light, perhaps the only thing we are overly familiar with for we’ve never known what comes beyond the letting go. Deuter can take us to all the other colors, one shimmering sustained chord at a time.”

  2. “Clearly, Sea & Silence is a breakthrough for Deuter, in that subject and music are unitive and in the final sound, totally intertwined. Music using ocean waves is now a clich? in New Age discography. The genius of Deuter has been not only to incorporate the sounds of the ocean into the music, but to allow the waves to become music in themselves. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say, Deuter has allowed the waves to express their own inherent musicality. Deuter enables the listener to recognize through his music that there is nothing really separating us from the ocean, that land and sea is another dualism we must spiritually overcome. Because his music integrates the sea so profoundly, even on listening to the first track, memories of past encounters with the sea, flood back into consciousness, as if one were once again a child playing on the beach and transfixed by the waves.

    By the time the last track, Empty Shore, concludes the music has transported us back to our primordial roots, a clarion summons to our first ancestor who originated in the sea. Piano is used imaginatively to inhabit the space between the waves and Deuter’s hallmark flutes, often overdubbed, take on cathedral like tones, as they soar to the heavens. The cover art shows the ocean merging with the sky, which mirrors the almost spiritual like transparency which occurs in this dreamy synthesizer music. We have reached the other side and it is Deuter’s music, ending with an angelic chorus, that has been our vehicle of transformation.

    After listening to Deuter, perhaps we can now see the sea in its crystalline, original innocence. We are given an almost birdlike view, as we witness the waves receding revealing the luminosity of the ocean and only the melodies lingering in our collective unconscious. For Deuter, silence has its own chords and through his CD, Sea & Silence, the stillness of the present moment has never sounded more clearer or more harmonious.”

  3. “This organic duet celebrates the stillness of the present moment with a masterful layering of magical flute, dreamy keyboard chimes, hints of piano, and natural ocean waves. The net effect is a peaceful intertwining of melodies in which the waves themselves provide not only a tonic backdrop, but actually function as musical instruments.
    ‘I have always loved the musicality of the waves of the ocean,’ says Deuter. ‘Unlike a musical composition, which has a beginning and an end, waves play their music in a tireless fashion, not going anywhere, not reaching towards some goal, but singing about the eternity of the present moment. Waves reveal their music only to listeners who allow themselves to sink deeper into the sounds.’
    Totally unpredictable in it’s creative flow, this music pleases that part of the soul that doesn’t necessarily want to know where things are going. In the words of the artist, ‘There is a place within us where there are no more goals to reach, no more roads to travel, no more maps to follow, no more philosophies to create, no more strategies to construct.’ The music on this CD touches that place like a feather, caressing and nurturing.”

  4. “Deuter is surely one of the most reliable new age artists out there. I doubt the guy could record a bad album if he tried. It’s pointless to worry about whether if, at this stage of his career (he’s been releasing new age music for well over twenty years), he has something ‘new’ to say or not. On Sea and Silence, he mines his most gentle and serene vein, while still retaining overt musicality. These music sources include his recorder (which, all by itself, graces the opening track, ‘Silent Bay’ for half of the song before warm washes of choirs and gentle bell tones are brought into play), piano and flute, which are all spread throughout the album, along with the artist’s usual superb keyboard work as well.

    You’re either into this kind of unabashed new age music or you’re not. I’m not going to tell you this is quasi-ambient music (although I think it has those elements) or that it’s electronic music (although it has plenty of those textures, as well). No, this is one hundred percent new age music – beautiful in its major chord/note tonalities, soft and reassuring in its comforting billows of keyboards, wind instruments, and awash in perfectly recorded seashore sound effects. If you enjoy music that is meant to envelop you in the musical equivalent of a gentle ocean-borne breeze, warm rays from the sun, and the scent of tropical lands wafting in the air, then you will find Sea and Silence an enchanting and luxuriously indulgent listening experience.

    The title track blends piano, synth strings, and waves lapping the shore, along with some other electronic textures, yielding feelings of both bliss and introspection (at thirteen and a half minutes, it’s also the longest track on the CD). ‘Reflection’ is beautiful and haunting, featuring only deeply echoed silver flute played in an improvisatory style (a la Paul Horn), for its entire eight-plus minutes. Other tracks include the gently rhythmic “Seven Sacred Pools” (relaxed hand drums underneath sampled guitar and synth washes, with a flute-carried main melody line), the more overtly electronic “Coral Gardens” (which harkens back to the golden age of new age music from artists like Robert Haig Coxon with its reverberating bell tones) and the album closing “Empty Shore” (a somewhat somber yet hopeful mixture of new age music with classic spacemusic, as washes of synths envelop you in wave after wave of electronic bliss married to contemplative echoed piano).

    Jaded as I am, I find Deuter’s music always elicits nothing but a good reaction from me. Whether he’s working in this particular vein (relaxation music) or something more active (like 2000′s Sun Spirit), he never fails to prove that he still stands as one of the preeminent artists in new age music. Here is a consummately skilled musician and one who is deeply committed to making the world a better place through his gift of music; music crafted with care and filled with loving beauty. I hope he never stops.”

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