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With Return of the Tiger, James Asher harnesses a deep current to create a rhythmic soundscape, rich in world beats, ethnic instruments and global cultural influences.

The drumming celebration that started with the ground-breaking album Feet in the Soil continues as Asher returns with this vibrant addition to his world beat repertoire. The great drum master has surpassed himself and managed to surprise us all exploring new musical territory where no one one has ventured before, bringing us new sounds and eliciting strong emotions.

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    “Return of the Tiger features energy, celebration, dramatic visual scenarios and mystic rites of passage. Unifying these 10 tracks is the all encompassing power of drums, engaging the listener into a hypnotic world of rhythmic trance, finding colorful variations and atmospheric imagery expertly crafted as only Asher can. The spiritual force, emotional depth and intensity of the adventure makes for a dynamic listening experience, inviting a transformational kind of bliss.”

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    “Anyone familiar with the music of James Asher knows that he can drum up a storm. RETURN OF THE TIGER proves that he hasn’t lost his touch. Featured here are ten tracks that are jam-packed with percussive goodness.
    The groove safari begins with “Gatekeeping”, where Asher’s prime drumming is marbled with the epic resonance of Jason Salmon’s droning didgeridoo. Next up is “Salute to Cuba”, where the music takes a detour into the realm of Afro-Cuban rhythms, with voice and kalimba joining with driving drum beats. “Drum Dialogue” follows, showcasing the intoxicating, wonderfully tribal nature of Asher’s drums, when presented with minimal accompaniment.
    This is just a taste of what RETURN OF THE TIGER has in store, with it’s globe-hopping, foot-stomping odyssey of music, all fueled by the drumming of Asher.”

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