Reiki Whale Song


Reiki Whale Song provides healing songs from the gentle giants of the deep echo throughout this unique collaboration of whale and man.

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Product Description

Reiki Whale Song provides healing songs from the gentle giants of the deep echo throughout this unique collaboration of whale and man. Kamal blends authentic recordings of humpback whales with flute and soft synthesizer to create an atmosphere supportive of the healing energies of Reiki. This album transports you on a beautiful journey to complete relaxation and a state of serenity that seems to have no end. You float on a wave of beautiful and soulful whale sounds together with a variety of soothing and harmonious musical tones into a state of healing tranquility. It is a perfect accompaniment for Reiki and deep meditation.

Track List

1. Northern Lights 8:34
2. The Yearning 8:23
3. Initiation 6:50
4. Raga For A Whale 3:37
5. The Whale Who Dreamt The Sea 11:30
6. A Whispering Dream 6:16
7. The Healing Waters 9:24
8. Coming Home 6:17

Total Time: 60:51


  1. “Australian music composer Kamal duets with the mysterious and resonant sounds of the humpback whales for Reiki Whale Song, an album specifically designed to correspond to techniques of the ancient healing art of reiki. Kamal’s soft and unobtrusive synthesizer washes forge the link between the depths and the surface, the human ear and the vocalizing of these wondrous creatures. Woodwinds add dashes of light and color, courtesy Ariel Kalma. Practitioners of reiki are likely to respond immediately to the album’s healing frequencies, but this album serves many other purposes, including meditation, drifting off to sleep and as ambient compositions in their own right, as a hypnotically relaxing and beguiling as journey down, down down.

    The opening track, “Whale Dreaming” starts out at the surface, with the warm salty rush of waves, foam breaking on the ocean surface, and the distant roar of the mammoth sea creatures. Kamal’s lighter synthesizer pads and Kalma’s flute providing poetic counterpoint to the deeper bass moans of the whales. These whalesongs are among the best, from deep sea recording genius Frank Watlington; they fill the space around you as you listen, until you can almost see the whales right there in your living room, or the ocean of space between your headphones.

    “Song of the Deep” blends chimes and throat singing with the bubbly echoes of whale song, creating the pleasant sensation of being suspended in a warm ocean hug, floating beyond space and time both alone and surrounded by guiding voices. The long tones of the throat singing and chanting (here Kamal is joined by throat singing master Darpan) blend imperceptibly with the whales here, making one notice how the sounds the whales make so often echo our own “Om” sound, here coming slowly out from the depths, expanding and then gradually receding in volume. Elsewhere in the album orchestral synths and flute take total control, as on “Out of the Blue,” making it clear that this is a Kamal album through and through, with his own intrinsically unique stamp on the material. He deftly keeps you relaxed in a sense of timeless immersion with or without his cetacean accompanists. With proceeds from sales going to whale-friendly organizations, this album’s good karma is assured.”

  2. “I have been searching so long for a CD of the beautiful sounds of the Humpback Whale. I came across this one and hoped it would be what I was searching for. I played it while I was working on my computer, but had to stop for I was going into a trance with the sounds coming from this CD. It is so incredibly beautiful…a perfect gift for yourself or anyone you know who needs to relax and has a love for the mystical, haunting, and loving voices of these beautiful creatures.”

  3. “Magnificent! A must listen to, to heal and reconnect with the Source, Mother Earth and its creatures. Let these powerful creatures shift your bidy’s energies and share with you their wisdom. Included in Dr. Lefebvre’s book: Animal Teachings!”

  4. “This landmark recording is a true co-creative project with nature that creates a blissful, healing resonance that is a balm to the spirit. When nature speaks, the sound is often subtle however Kamal heard the call of the whales loud and clear near the beaches of Byron Bay early one morning as he dove in for a swim.
    Whales were migrating down the Eastern coast of Australia taking their calves to the fertile feeding grounds of Antarctica when Kamal heard their strange vocalizing. It felt as if I were swimming right next to them. I was mesmerized and could have stayed under water forever listening to the songs they were singing.
    Kamal’s synchronistic encounter inspired him to collaborate with the Ocean Alliance and the Whale Conservation Institute who provided the whale recordings heard on this project. “These songs are from a “Bel Canto” era of whale singing. Humpbacks change their songs every year, but none have been so beautiful as the ones sung in the 1960s.
    As beautiful and stimulating as these sounds are, it is the interplay between Kamal’s powerful flute and synth tracks with the songs of the humpbacks that set this disc apart from other nature recordings. Reiki Whale Song gives birth to true interspecies communication, and opens the gateway for the listener to connect to all the creatures of the deep.”

  5. “Close your eyes and dive into the deep blue sea alongside some of the earth’s most mysterious and wondrous creatures – The humpback whales. With their resonant cries that echo across the vast reaches of the aquatic world, the sounds of the whales help listeners to become detached from reality and be put more in tune with nature.
    Award winning musician Kamal takes listeners to his place of harmony and balance by blending the calls of these deep ocean dwellers with flutes, synthesizers and the sounds of the crashing waves. Deeply ambient and undeniably enchanting, Reiki Whale Song supports the healing energies of Reiki or massage and allows the listeners to achieve a deep state of relaxation.”

  6. “Healing songs of these gentle giants of the deep echo throughout this newest release from Kamal. The musician blends the sounds of whales with flute and soft synthesizer to create an atmosphere supportive of the healing energies of reiki.
    This is the best album I’ve heard with whale sounds: the haunting calls of the giants of the deep merge seemlessly with smooth, ambient music to create an atmosphere supportive of the healing energies of Reiki. An essential addition to any healing collection!”

  7. “The easiest review to write is one in which the reviewer already has his mind made up before the CD gets plucked out of the case. This happened with Kamal’s new Reiki Whale Song. I was immediately pro-intimidated by the label, New Earth Records, know for its high quality new age landscape recordings; plus the title; plus the long lengths of tracks. 7 tracks, over an hour’s worth of instrumental magic from Dolphin Award-winner Kamal, one of Australia’s wonder men.
    Disappointed when the disc began to spin? Of course not! As the CD itself warns, this is ‘designed specifically for Reiki, meditation, massage or relaxation.’ New Age Voice calls it ‘an essential addition to any healing collection!’ As well as a few other choice compliments.
    The vowel vocal accompaniments to ‘Song of the Deep’ is a succinct and peaceful blend between man and ‘beast,’ filled with synthesized magic for 7 minutes like acupuncture for the mind. The bllooop blooop and tonal acquisitions that float around the keyboards are married with pristine certitude.
    New age like this, for souls of an open mind and increasingly relaxing shoulder muscle, is difficult to turn down in today’s society of ever-shrinking habitats and new Bush-designated Alaskan drilling (sorry, had to throw that in). This is a gentle way of escape, as Kamal insinuates us into his ‘Enchanted Worlds’ where nothing is threatened, and sound becomes an older world, before man screwed up the lot.
    Quite simply, this is a CD worth getting. Save yourself.”

  8. “On his latest release, Kamal M. Engels, known as Kamal, weaves together the haunting songs of the humpback whale with the healing power of ethereal keyboards. Reiki Whale Song is a dreamy softly ambient masterpiece perfect for reiki treatments, massage, meditation, and other healing modalities. The whale songs were recorded in the ocean at a depth of 1,500 feet by sound pioneer Frank Watlington, who utilized deep-water microphones. Watlington’s recordings are considered to be among the greatest of all recorded humpback-whale performances.

    Kamal plays keyboards and synthesizers. He and Darpan provide voices and toning, and Ariel Kalma performed on woodwinds. Long, sustained chords float like waves on the ocean, while whale song rises from the depths like bubbles of light. Listening to Reiki Whale Song, preferably while lying down, is sure to relax even the most intense Type-A personality. The music leaves listeners feeling renewed. For healing practitioners as well as customers interested in healing music, Reiki Whale Song will be an important addition to their music collections.”

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