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A beautiful CD combining the haunting calls of the humpback whales with soothing ambient sounds, bringing the listener into a state of healing tranquility. Reiki Whale Dreaming is a perfect musical accompaniment for Reiki, meditation, massage therapies, and other relaxing moments Also a great addition for yoga and other movement classes that require pulse and rhythm. This is the follow-up to the much-acclaimed Reiki Whale Song by Kamal.

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  1. “The music follows the rhythms and cycles of whales. The bells in the ‘Whale Who Dreamt of the Sea’ seems to resonate to the bone. The music encourages you to relax and float along on the currents of the ocean. I found it deeply relaxing and soothing. This music would be a good choice to listen to when meditating.”

  2. “I love this CD for my energy healing work, and teaching Reiki to the sound is spiritually uplifting and serene at the same time. Very enlightening.”

  3. “If your home is the dreamy town of Byron Bay on the northeast coast of Australia, surrounded by tropical rainforests and sandy beaches, it’s no surprise that such heavenly music can be created. Native German sound designer Martin Engels (alias Kamal) was inspired by the soulful singing of humpback whales. He produced two records full of relaxing and mesmerizing effects you’ve never experienced before. Actually, the best yoga/massage music I’ve recommended.
    Released in 2002, ‘Reiki Whale Song’ has been a successful work with Kamal’s dominating soft-synthesizers. Kamal’s newest record, ‘Reiki Whale Dreaming’ was made in collaboration with different artists on flutes, violin, and didgeridoo. Both records contain impressive works of enchanted, soaring, and wave-surfing soundscapes.
    You’re diving deep into the blue, exploring the colourful worlds of coral reefs, accompanied by beautiful whale voices and a variety of soothing musical tones. The sea breezes and splashing waves at the seashore sound totally authentic and relaxing indeed. In ‘Reiki Whale Song,’ Kamal’s outstanding vocal duet with the humpback whales was awesome. After releasing ‘Reiki Whale Dreaming’ he established a master class of healing, ambient music.”

  4. “Composer and multi-instrumentalist Kamal turned his fascination with the creatures of the deep into an album of luxuriant dreamscapes through his 2001 album REIKI WHALE SONG. REIKI WHALE DREAMING continues his work with the humpback whale population of coastal Australia, providing another gentle, harmonious album of aquatic sounds, synthesizer ambience, Eastern influences and relaxing instrumentation. Whale calls, which have a medium pitched reverberated cry, make a perfect compliment to Kamal?s kaleidoscope of flutes, piano, sax and keyboards. There are no beats or rhythmic elements present and the music has a natural ‘flowing’ quality that makes it very slow and restful. The album is perfect for a spa environment, given its water themes, as well as Reiki, massage and meditation.”

  5. “Kamal’s Reiki Whale Dreaming, following in the tradition of his 2001 release Reiki Whale Song, uses whale song and the healing practice of reiki as inspirations. Whale voices recorded in a cold-water experiment by the United States Navy echo through each track, hypnotic and otherworldly. Listeners cannot help but envision these huge animals slowly cruising into the depths of the sea, calling out to each other. The whale song is combined with similarly reverberating and resonant sounds of piano, flute,violin, viola, didgeridoo, and woodwinds.
    This lovely album supports not only reiki but also any kind of healing bodywork, yoga, relaxation, and meditation.”

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