Reiki Wellness

Reiki Wellness Deuter, Anugama and Kamal New Earth Records

Music to support the practice of Reiki brings together healing sounds of Deuter, Anugama, and Kamal.

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Product Description

This superb collection of music ranges gently through layered melodies, nature sounds and textural vibrations to create a sonic environment perfect for massage, bodywork and meditation. Reiki Wellness supports the practice of Reiki by bringing together healing sounds of three award-winning artists: Deuter, Anugama and Kamal.

Reiki is a universal energy and gentle system of healing, mostly by touch of hands. This authentic collection of music was designed to accompany the practice of reiki and other healing arts. Reiki Wellness is suitable for creating a serene and relaxing environment to be used by bodyworkers, spa therapists, massage practitioners and beyond.

This CD opens a space that transmits the heart and soul of Reiki more deeply than I ever felt before.” ~Ghata Engels, Reiki Master in the Usui Tradition

Track List

1. Flowing by Deuter 5:28
2. Whale Dreaming by Kamal 11:04
3. Magic Flow by Anugama 16:01
4. Healing Circle by Deuter 12:04
5. Travelers of the Seas by Kamal 8:49
6. Dreamcatcher by Kamal 9:10
7. Blessing by Deuter 6:24

Total Time: 60:00

©2002 New Earth Records / NE 2406
Published by Shiva Shakti Music Publishing


  1. “Peace and tranquility abound when the soothing sounds of Reiki Wellness waft by one’s ears. This flowing compilation of healing and relaxation music is perfect for Reiki practice, massage, meditation and bodywork.Each selection is calm and serene featuring instrumentation such as flutes, light percussion and ambient synthesizers compiled from the albums Wind & Mountain, Buddha Nature and Reiki Hands of Light by Deuter, Reiki Whale Song and Shamanic Healing by Kamal and Magic Flow by Anugama.
    Highlights include the earthly ‘Magic Flow’ by Anugama and the dreamy ‘Blessing’ from Deuter.”

  2. “Three of the world’s foremost sound healers, Deuter, Kamal and Anugama, have contributed some of their most healing musical soundscapes to create this very special compilation CD.
    Immediately relaxing, its gentle waves of sound take the listener into the most serene spaces of the heart and serve as a perfect backdrop for any type of healing work. Especially suited for healers working with the subtle energy fields, Reiki Wellness has a quality that seems to enhance the healing experience for both subject and healer as it creates a soothing, mystical sound environment.
    For meditation or deeper contemplation, these celestial keyboards, flutes and various ambient percussions submerge the consciousness in the vastness of infinite peace, reminiscent of diving into the ocean from a busy and noisy public beach. For dreamtime, nothing could be more peaceful or gentle, and this wonderful release will hold welcome place in my dreamtime lineup for quite some time, I’m sure. Easily, Reiki Wellness receives my highest recommendation to all healers and dreamers.”

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