Reiki Healing Waves

Reiki Healing Waves Parijat New Earth Records

Parijat's Reiki Healing Waves will take you on a meditative journey of sound that will soothe, calm and relax you.

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Product Description

An ideal album for anyone seeking a space filled with peace, serenity and healing! Reiki Healing Waves will take you on a meditative journey of sound that will soothe, calm and relax you. Parijat recently moved from Germany with his Beloved and all his instruments to Norway to live amongst the fjords, mountains and trees. Inspired by its silence, tranquility and beauty, Parijat dedicates himself to creating music with joy and love. In creating this CD, Parijat was able to apply his knowledge of Reiki which he studied in Schloss Wofsbrunnen, Germany in 1982.

“The essence of Reiki healing energy is love, peace, harmony and trust, qualities that can help to solve the problems of the Earth.” ~Parijat

REIKI means universal life force. Composed of two Japanese words, ‘Rei’ describes the universal and limitless aspect of this energy and ‘Ki’ represents the life force present in all living things. ‘Ki’ is the same energy that is known as Chi by the Chinese, Prana by the Hindus and Mana by the Kahunas.

Instruments: Guitar, piano, keyboards, bells and percussion.

Track List

1. Hearts Awakening 7:00
2. Healing Senses 8:28
3. Forgiving 7:59
4. Reiki Healing Waves 8:13 
5. Healing the Heart 7:14 
6. Return to Your Body 6:18
7. The Unwinding 7:02
8. Return to Yourself 8:15

Total Time: 60:29


  1. This c.d. is wonderful to give reiki treatments to! I am studying to become a reiki master. I was introduced to this c.d. by my reiki master. I can not get over how beautiful it is! As a reiki practitioner I will use it to give treatments.

  2. “New Earth Records has a knack for releasing great new age music but even by their high standards Reiki Healing Waves is a particularly excellent piece of work. Playing guitar, piano, keyboards, bells and percussion, Parijat paints one peaceful musical landscape after another (there are eight tracks, all but one between seven and eight-and-a-half minutes). Soothing synthesizers flow underneath a pastoral guitar refrain on the opening “Hearts Awakening,” while piano and guitar plaintively duet on “Healing Senses.” Lush keyboard washes fluidly flow under piano and guitar on “Forgiving” and the title track features soft but insistent Gamelan-like rhythms percolating gently over somber keyboards. “Return to Yourself” lightens the mood with cheery plucked string keyboards, sunny guitar and lilting flute. As is the case on many Reiki recordings, a struck bell tone signals the time period to change positions and these are adroitly incorporated into the music flawlessly. Your Reiki masters and practitioners should consider this a “must have” as should anyone who enjoys warm accessible new age music for relaxation and de-stressing.”

  3. “Parijat’s musical background includes a mix of formal and explorative training. He spent a period of time learning the classical fundamentals of guitar and mandolin, then moved to India where he learned to “think-outside-the-box” and develop a more nuanced signature sound. With Parijat’s second release for New Earth Records, he takes a sonically different but tonally similar approach to his composing. The music is less Asian influenced than BUDDHA GARDEN, instead favoring soft, pleasant new age music comprised of guitar, keyboards and piano. REIKI HEALING WAVES is similar to his former album in the mood it creates—the music is light and soothing and ideal for healing work. As a bonus for practitioners, Parijat includes chime sounds and regular intervals to signal hard position changes.”

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