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Reiki Healing Hands provides music created to support meditation and a spiritual environment.

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Product Description

Reiki Healing Hands provides music created to support meditation and a spiritual environment. It is deeply relaxing and stimulates the heart chakra. A delicate and light bell sounds every three minutes to remind practitioners to change hand positions. A bestselling album used by healers of all kinds. Also ideal for any types of bodywork, trance and meditation.

Instruments: Kiboe harp and keyboards, supported by environmental sounds. The kiboe harp is an instrument specially designed to create meditative music.

I always like to use Reiki Healing Hands for my sessions. The kiboe creates perfect Reiki harmony and nourishment for my treatments.” ~Reiki Master, Prem Naveen

Profoundly relaxing and deeply meditative… the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and meditation.” ~New Age Voice

The combination of Nik Tyndall’s and Anuvida’s music makes for a great end-of-the day trip to a land of soft light and gentle winds. It’s pure recorded bliss.” ~Bill Binkelmann, Wind and Wire Magazine

Track List

1. Point of Departure 10:25
2. Empty Sky 7:47
3. Circle of Light 8:23
4. Tao of Heaven 13:40
5. Like the Ocean 10:28

Total Time: 50:03

©1995 by New Earth Records / NE 9507
Published by Shiva Shakti Music Publishing BMI
Manufactured and printed in USA


  1. “VERY VERY HEALING…I am a Reiki Master in Upstate NY and use and recommend this CD during my classes and sessions. It is excellent for meditation. Soothing, Healing, Peaceful, can’t say enough. you won’t be sorry if you get this.”

  2. Music to facilitate a healing trance…”This is a nice album of music designed for Reiki healing. It has a steady, flowing rhythm that lulls you into a relaxed, trance-like state. This music is ideal for its intended purpose, although I would not use it for general listening or background ambience. I have used it many times during Reiki healing groups and have found it suitable for myself and pleasant to participants.”

  3. “Chalk another one up to Soundscapes! Heard 2 tracks on soundscapes and was hooked. Every song blends in perfectly to the next. This is THE best relaxtion CD in my collection, even beating Liquid Mind’s Serenity, which for me, is saying a lot! Has the bell every 3 minutes for relaxation/practitioners. It also is super mellow and relaxing for people who listen to it in his hot tub (me!) I recommend it, You need it, Go buy it!”

  4. “One of the Best Reiki CDs…This is a great Reiki CD. Each peice is a bit different and the music clearly follows the ebb and flow of a Reiki treatment. There is even a 3 minute bell that sounds very gently and un-obtrusively for the practitioner should they choose to change hand positions at 3 minute intervals. As a Reiki Master, I recommend this to anyone new to Reiki and not so new as well as for anyone into meditation, massage or other body work and yoga.”

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