Reiki Flow


Reiki Flow is the perfect album for giving or receiving Reiki: harmonious, balanced, and mellow

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Product Description

Reiki Flow is the perfect album for giving or receiving Reiki: harmonious, balanced, and mellow. Terry Oldfield blends alto and soprano flute, pan pipes, bansuri, and natural sounds into a healing mix.

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” ~Lao Tzu

*Formerly titled Ethereal*

Track List

1. Beginning 7:07
2. Awakening 3:55
3. Yearning 4:45
4. Seeing 4:15
5. Feeling 7:13
6. Opening 6:44
7. Release 6:27
8. Ascending 4:54
9. Being 5:45
10. Fulfillment 3:34

Total Time: 54:39


  1. “Reiki Flow captures the beauty of Terry Oldfield’s flute playing in a Zen, Far-Eastern context. While Oldfield’s albums often feature the instrument prominently, winds truly take center stage here. From the haunting call of the bansuri to the rich enchantment of the pan flute, the reverberated winds on this release envelop the listener and create an atmosphere within peacefulness and spiritual bliss. Besides flute, some very light synthesizer work is used in the backdrop to give the music a gentle sheen. Nature sounds (tropical birds, ocean waves, whales) are also woven into the fabric of the album, adding to the album’s organic flair. Besides Reiki, this would be a nice choice for Tai Chi practice, given the meditative Asian overtones. It would also be useful for massage, acupuncture or other Asian healing modalities.”

  2. “Oldfield takes you deep into his back pages as he explores his early explorations into flute playing where he would let the music take him where it would and he was free to follow. Adding in some well developed over the years chops, light orchestration and nature sounds, this is music for touchless massage and energy work. Massage therapists ought to take note of this date since it is free flowing music that isn’t at all drippy like that stuff too many of you play in the background that is really more annoying than relaxing. Just saying…”

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