Radiant Awakening

Radiant Awakening Ranga New Earth Records

Radiant Awakening blends instruments from the East and West into ever expanding, trance flavored melodies created to awaken the heart.

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With its roots in the subtle rhythmic structures of traditional, Indian, devotional music, Radiant Awakening blends instruments from the East and West into ever expanding, trance flavored melodies created to awaken the heart.

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  1. “A pure delight to listen to, Radiant Awakening is almost magical, a hypnotic infusion of smooth trancelike melodies with piano, tabla, violin in North Indian style, and sitar and frame drums. Mostly instrumental with some silken vocal textures, the 8 tracks variously titled Mahadev, Phoenix, Shakti’s Path and Final Inn-o-cence elevate the spirit in the way that quiet repose alongside a rainforest stream, the sight of a loan eagle soaring high on thermals can. Dutch artists Ted de Jong and Coen Helfenrath found a creative partnership in the summer of 1991 during an experiment in a cottage in the woods of the Netherlands which sought new ways of improvising through expressing the silence and tranquillity of nature. And they’ve succeeded here again in translating that tranquillity into music. De Jong is regarded as one of the West’s leading exponents of the tabla. Helfenrath is a musician-composer working in film theatre and dance productions. This will become a precious and enduring addition to your yoga and meditation music collection. It’s a must have!”

  2. “The dutch duo of Ted de Jong and Coen Helfenrath, collectively known as Ranga (the Sanskrit word for “color”), fuse the best the East and West with Radiant Awakening, their debut release on Sammasati Music. The roots of Ranga lie in the realm of Indian classical music. Their table beats and sinuous sitar strumming is perfectly blended with acoustic piano, keyboards, and violin (played in a North Indian classical style by Lenneke van Staalen) for a sound that’s ideal for healing practices. Among the more interesting releases on the album are ‘Tiffany’s Party,’ a more western oriented piece with it’s striking sitarwork, and ‘Mahadev’ that utilizes piano and violin to create a calming yet jovial effect.”

  3. “A pair of Dutchman with an affinity for Sanskrit and subcontinental vibes take a detour from their film and commercial work to delve into the realms of sound and inner space. An alive but contemplative set, this goes well with incense, wine and gauze. A great sonic excursion for first class aural getaways, adult/alt.style.”

  4. “When a Dutchman who specializes in Indian rhythms & percussion (Ted de Jong) joins forces with a pianist/keyboardist who adores India’s traditional music (Coen Helfenrath), the result is a unit named Ranga. Bring in Lenneke Van Staalen on violin, with studies in Europe as well as in India, and you have a wonderful trio whose music avoids typified, canned ‘ethnic’ formulas. The highlight of the three musicians’ collaboration is the almost fifteen-minute long composition entitled ‘Tifanny’s Party,’ in which a central motif played by the piano is repeatedly played, as percussion joins in bit by bit, then after a while the violin doubles the central melody, putting the listener into a trance. The choral voices towards the finale of the composition add an air of grandeur with the final result resembling something of a cross between the minimalism of Steve Reich and the New Age aesthetic of California’s Robert Rich. ‘Radiant Awakening’ is an amazing album, rich in ideas and simple in conception, and should be appreciated by both the fans of chill-out electronica as well as world music afficionados.”

  5. “East Indian instrumentation blending together with keyboards, violin and vocal chant is offered in this blissful new release from Ranga. Ted de Jong’s masterful use of the sitar, tablas, large-frame drum, kanjita and other traditional Indian instruments creates marvelous musical soundscapes that are distinctly Eastern in their approach, but fully expand to embrace Western Native cultures as well. New age, World, ambient and trance-dance elements are interwoven into deeply moving, sonic expressions of spiritual joy and oneness that lift the spirit to its own Radiant Awakening. Here, the listener can meditate on the deeper meaning of the (title-producing) Zen poem: INTO THE RADIANT AWAKENING YOU ARE BORN FOR THE FIRST TIME Perfect for yoga, visualization and trance-dance and also recommended to all lovers of Indian / Ambient / New Age music.”

  6. “One dreams away on a good rhythm, another on a beautiful melody. Ranga offers both on a very nice meditative CD. Full of Indian tabla rhythms and violin play, together with soundscapes and other electronic work with many of those hallucinating rhymical repetitions. Call it a sort of minimal mantra music. The result is very acoustic & authentic, so one would expect Indians behind this album. Nothing of it, just Dutchman, who also happen to sing mantras very beautifully. This is a cd to have in your collection.”

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