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During his numerous travels around the world, Deuter recorded the sounds of the Ocean. Each track conveys the vibrations and sounds from a unique healing spot on the Earth. Recorded live with no other sounds added. For Deuter, the pure sounds of Nature are the ultimate sounds. Nothing need be added, and nothing taken away. One just needs to learn to hear, and enter into harmony with the natural movements of each track. These Pure Sounds are the Healing Flow of the Earth. No effort is needed. One just needs to listen. Listening can assist one to become more harmonized with the earth. These elemental sounds help promote balance and a state of natural rhythm. One’s attainment to this natural flow can help promote states of deep meditative silence, deeper sleep, and a calming atmosphere for children, adults, and animals alike.

Through feeling, awareness, experience, and a constant inspiration by the natural world around him, Deuter creates music that transports the listener into a space of peacefulness and well-being.

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    “We started playing the new Deuter CD of waves and immediately the young dog we are looking after curled up on the floor and became completely calm. As long as the recording continued he stayed on the floor. We were anticipating trouble with him because he is a teenager and full of energy, but now we know the secret. I thought that its effect on animals, and even more its effect on children, might be a good point to promote. It was quite dramatic. And we got pretty chilled out too, so we are playing it on repeat.”

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