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This album is comprised of nature sounds recorded and arranged by Deuter: musica natura. The sounds of birds, water and wind are often no longer perceived consciously. By attending to nature sounds, we lift them back up into our awareness and allow them to have their harmonizing effects on our organism. And since nature’s music has no beginning and no end, it easily creates a sense of timelessness.

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    “Nature in a box. Sometimes you just need to go to your happy place. Right. Now. We’ve found ours. New Earth Records has packaged nature in a CD. Popular New Age artist Deuter has taken a break from recording himself, and has turned his attention to nature. There is no mystical flute. No cheesy background noise. (Deuter is never cheesy, but you know who we’re talking about.) Notes from a Planet is just birds, wind and water. It is relaxation you can enjoy at your desk, in your car, anywhere… anytime. The three tracks, Forest, Meadow, Water deliver just what they promise. There is no video, but if you close your eyes, you’re there… in a happy place. A place with birds, a stream, old-growth forest… and no one bugging you about a deadline”

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    “It’s been long enough since Bernie Krause did his groundbreaking sounds of nature works that nobody except the hard core probably remember it anymore. Deuter covers the same ground, but does it from another angle. With a starting point of the sounds of nature becoming taken for granted and presenting them in a straightforward way but turning them into music, this is a wonderfully tasty excursion for those who’ve become too busy for a walk in the park.”

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    “We’re surrounded by beauty, yet the loudness of life often drowns out nature’s subtle serenity. Notes From a Planet was created to draw your attention to such things as the tranquil hum of crickets in the night or a babbling stream running through a park. The recording is comprised completely of nature sounds. The first features a stroll through a secluded forest region, where one is greeted by the serene sounds of birds chirping amongst the trees. The second, “Meadow” allows you to wander through a grassland teeming with life. The third, “Water” offers the sonic experience of relaxing by the side of a slowly bubbling stream. Each features high level recording clarity and locations that are free from the sounds of civilization.”

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    “I wanted to include this esoteric release because I just had to honor the Earth and I found this album not only inspiring but unique and different.
    From New Earth Records, this album consists of three tracks that each reproduce the sounds of a forest, a meadow and water. Each track ranges from ten to thirty minutes in length and the music here is just simply the sounds of our beloved planet.
    C.G. Deuter is a conceptual recording artist and at first many people might find that there is “no music” on this album. But, actually there is. The music is the sound of the wind, the birds, the crickets and the leaves. Basically the album was produced by Deuter taking walks out into nature with a sound recorder and finding a beautiful quiet spot and recording what he heard. To Deuter, the Earth is a living being who creates a music of her own based on the natural rhythms of the greater life of which we are all a part.
    Deuter notes that the sounds of birds, water and wind are often no longer perceived consciously. “We have become so accustomed to them, they have faded into oblivion, or they are covered up by man-made noises.” By attending to the spirit and soul of the planet, Deuter has presented an authentic production that has a variety of applications which would be left up to the listener. I could see this imaginal album being used for meditation, or as an ambient record for healing environments or even just for the listening pleasure of hearing God’s voice through our environment.
    At a time when the Earth is being overwhelmed with interference and conflict, this album just plain struck me as a gift when I didn’t know what to expect from it. I highly recommend this release from New Earth records as a unique addition to your collection of spiritually-themed albums.”

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    “Can planets speak? They can and do constantly, but perhaps only a very few of us know the language – running water, chirping birds, frogs and insects, the gentle rustle of wind through the willows. German New Age composer Deuter probably comes as close as anyone finding the music in this mysterious language; he began his recording career working under the meditation teacher Osho, recording music for use with the master’s dynamic meditations. One of the first to do field recordings of nature sounds for release as new age albums, Deuter records all his ambient nature sounds himself via his sojourns into the wilderness. Notes from a Planet is an example of his prowess with a field recording kit and his ear for the beauty in a running stream or field of singing crickets.
    Consisting of three tracks that sound similar enough to play uninterrupted, perhaps even on endless repeat for decades, Notes from a Planet is ideal for meditation, soothing background ambiance to drown out the neighbor’s stomping or outside car alarms, helping infants drift into nap land, and an array of other uses. Bring it outside on the outdoor speakers if you want to wake up the crickets and make your neighbors think you built a massive Zen pond/garden behind your picket fence. Keep it in the bedroom to help you sleep and spend a slow Saturday morning going in and out of sleep with eyes closed, the sounds keeping your body and soul believing you’re cozily nested in a beautiful mountain paradise. “Wald (Forest)” coasts along with the sound of a running stream and comforting pulse of crickets; listen close and deep and you can hear the distant birds and the burbling of the water.
    “Wiese (Meadow)” has a larger but gentler presence of water, frogs, and chirping insects. Water appears in all three of the tracks, for example, as do crickets and bird noises. This approach works for Notes from a Planet however, for when approaching something this precious and real, a thousand listens can’t begin to divulge the earth’s sweet unknowable mysteries, but it sure can relax and attune you to listen in anyway, and find the symphonic undertones that dwell in the heart of nature as she sings her endless song of creation, letting you tune deep into the sounds of a pond at night, without having to suffer the mosquitoes.”

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    “Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will enjoy the ambient quality of this atmosphere. The meditative alignment of spirit, body, and vision, is unsurpassed. Having this music in the background as I go about my day, keeps me connected to why I am here; it feels as though I am outdoors all the time. As children would say,”It sounds like God is asking us to come out and play!”

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