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Mystery of Light Deuter

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Deuter derives a unique sound on Mystery of Light and explores his love for early Baroque and Renaissance music, giving the album its own distinct color and flavor. Enjoy!

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    “The music of multi-instrumentalist Deuter shines on this album of original music spanning centuries. We are transported to a Renaissance drawing room in the first four pieces with Renaissance and Baroque influence, featuring harpsichord, recorder and harp. In Memories of an Angel, Deuter returns to his piano-based New Age style with touches of synthesizer. The Sun Enters the River, with solo cello, conveys a solemn and reflective mood. The Fawn Drinks the Sun rejoices in nature’s splendor with abundant twinkling bells creating a magical atmosphere. The celebration continues in Enchanted Summer Night, where harp and violins join joyful bells. On The Heron Dreams we return to the Renaissance/Baroque theme with a piece for harp, cello and flute. The Laughing Waters is a festive dance of Native American flutes, Appalachian dulcimer and pan-African tuned percussion. The lush instrumentation of Celestial Meadows and cosmic keyboards of Elysian Fields bring Mystery of Light to a luminous conclusion. This is the music of your dreams by one of the planet’s most talented artists.”

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    “Oh So enchanting..Deuter has done it again captured my so beautiful,so different from his other works..all magical…Thank you for enriching my life”

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