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Mandala: Circle of Chant is brought to you by the renowned New Age composer and musician Terry Oldfield and spiritual teacher and singer, Soraya Saraswati. As the Vajrayana Buddhist monks create detailed and beautiful mandalas from single grains of sand, this entrancing album is in and of itself a mystical and spiritual mandala created from sound and ancient Sanskrit texts. Let Mandala: Circle of Chant transport you from the West to the East, and take a spiritual journey laced with ancient Eastern wisdom!

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Terry Oldfield & Soraya Saraswati

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    “Traditional chants, mantras and Kirtan from the East have imbued the West with a new way of elevating the spirit, by listening as well as by participating. In Mandala, Terry Oldfield & Soraya enhance these traditions with a powerful blend of instrumentation, electronics, deep vocal chants, and a production quality that together is a yoga unto itself.”

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    “2007 British musician Terry Oldfield discovered the wooden flute while traveling through Greece and India as a youth. The instrument has been his passion ever since, and his many albums have been our fortunate blessing. Here he collaborates with his partner, vocalist Soraya Saraswati, to create sumptuous music in which voice and woodwinds form a union similar to that between spirit and flesh, between Oldfield’s Celtic musical roots and the joyous grace of India, between the sounds of nature (crickets, thunder, water are a constant and welcome presence) and the sounds of the musical instruments (it’s hard to tell where one ends and one begins). Mandala: Circle of Chant is named after the series of workshops the couple gave throughout 2007, gathering voices and ideas for their selfless and universal sound. The result is this gentle, pleasing, and transporting work. Close your eyes and you can feel yourself become involved in the ongoing process of the universal mind’s self-discovery.

    The opening track, “Sri Krishna,” explores the familiar melody of the Hare Krishna in a global context, starting with a hushed cathedral feeling not unlike an album of Western chant. Soraya’s gentle vocals manifest over a gently strummed harp and cricket-like shakers, slow and easy. When Oldfield’s brooding Celtic flute comes in the feeling is of the sun streaking through the clouds on a quiet day of clouds and contemplation. Gradually more voices˜male and female˜join in the song. You’ll probably want to as well for the “round the campfire” vibe of this recording is irresistible. The follow-up, “Sri Ram,” explores the Christian liturgy angle more deeply, opening on an austere wooden-flute motif, then drifting into a chant, accompanied by temple bells, that seems to exist in a world of pure spirit, high and beyond the world of opposites.

    Whether engaging in sing-along jubilance, as in “Om Poornamidaam,” or jamming blissfully with drums and flute over dreamy currents of exalted voice, as in the warm and windy “Om Shanti,” the union of Terry Oldfield and Soraya is clearly inspired. This album is a blessed progeny of their musical and spiritual union. Oldfield’s Celtic melancholy makes a perfect foil for the spiritual abandon of the chanting, and vice versa. The result is an album that draws out your spiritual toxins with the care of a great physician, then sends you off cured, to play with your friends in the sunshine, unafraid of the storm clouds brewing in the distance, for they are also part of the perfect union of earth and sky.”

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    “Musician yogis Terry Oldfield and Soraya put together a collection of traditional chants from both Kirtan and Buddhist paths. The title Mandala (circle) is an appropriate title for this intimate release. The selections will certainly be familiar to anyone who enjoys chanting. Starting with “Sri Krishna” and “Sri Ram” and then there are mantras like “Tat Tvam Asi” and “Om Poornamidaan” which inspire a similar elevation of consciousness and spirit.
    The album has an almost Celtic feel to it with heavy reverb on the vocals, which are accompanied by ethereal synthesizer tracks, flute, choirs and percussion. I particularly enjoyed the chants, mantras and melodies these artists chose, but the arrangements are a bit over the top at times. Oldfield is excellent on the bansuri and silver flutes. The percussion is minimalistic and sometimes not present at all. Soraya’s vocals are beautiful and transparent at the same time. All the elements on this album are so “wet” with treatment, it was sometimes challenging to get the full impact of the vibrations. However, there is a lot of spirit on all these tracks. Oldfield and Soraya invoke the divinity of the chants and illuminate the listener with devotional wholeness. The mood of the album is angelic in nature and sincere in its intentions. Mandala is obviously intended for yoga enthusiasts and can certainly serve an intimate yoga class with a light background to tuck under any instructions.”

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    “This being a Terry Oldfield CD, you know you’re going to get superb instrumentation played by a real master musician. You’re also going to get great production values, as to be expected from this label. On Mandala – Circle of Chant, he and vocalist Soraya perform eight Sanskrit Mantras and their voices seamlessly blend with Oldfield’s solid musical talents on bansuri and silver flutes, percussion and keyboards (Soraya also contributes on tempura, harmonium and percussion). Their vocals are lushly multi-tracked, so for chant neophytes who enjoy Enya, this might make a fine starting point in the genre for them. From the joyous “Sri Krishna” to the haunting “Sri Ram” to the gently flowing “Twa Meva,” the two artists weave a gentle melodic blend of instruments and voices. New Earth Music recordings are frequently a great soundtrack for yoga and this CD is no exception. Recommend this one without reservation.”

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