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Lisa Lynne’s debut album with New Earth Records is a graceful and powerful recording of authentic beauty.

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Lisa Lynne’s debut album Maiden’s Prayer is a graceful and powerful recording of authentic beauty. Together with an ensemble of world-class Renaissance and Persian musicians, she brings her Celtic harp and exquisite musical artistry to these enchanting arrangements of centuries-old tunes. An album of ageless music performed with contemporary flair.

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Lisa Lynne

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    “Of music medieval. Such is the theme of this recent release by the exquisite Celtic harpist, Lisa Lynne. Accompanied by woodwinds, percussion, lute, dulcimer and other stringed instruments, Lisa evokes dreams of ancient Celtic worlds with overtones of a near Eastern flavor.
    Inspired with Lynne’s own works are those of several other composers from ages past. Some tunes you will probably not have heard before; others will make you believe they sound vaguely familiar; still others, like “Still I Will (Be Merry)” you will immediately recognize. Light, ethereal, melodic and fun all in one package – Maiden’s Prayer is a CD that will lift your spirits and fill your heart with gaiety.”



    “Although Lynne’s enchanting Celtic harp is the unifying voice in this resplendent musical tapestry, instrumental voices from Persian culture (The Lain Ensemble) and Europe’s Renaissance (Musica Angelica) contribute their own sumptuous and exotic strings, and world percussion of delicately intertwined melodies. These include traditional Celtic songs (many freshly adapted), the Italian ‘Lauda de Maria Maddalenna,’ and a number of Lynne’s compositions (including ‘Maiden’s Prayer,’ ‘Winter Moon,’ and ‘One Wish’). The richness of musical content is reflected in the package and liner notes, which are covered by layered images (in gold, gold, and more gold) in candles, ornately covered chambers, exquisitely crafted instruments, and a veiled maiden.”



    “Some might consider the music of Lisa Lynne to be Celtic, however, this would not even begin to describe the vivid instrumental soundscapes this talented artist has to offer. The melodies of Maiden’s Prayer are graceful and warm with a bit of renaissance flair. Overall the music quite upbeat, yet, at the same time, it always feels relaxed and calms the nerves. Lynne’s harp-playing is pure enchantment and one of her many talents (she also plays Appalachian dulcimer, bouzouki and bandoura on the album). Assisting Lynne is George Tortorelli playing bamboo flutes, whistles and dumbek, as well as the Laim Ensemble and Musica Angelica, who add richness to her chamber music sound with their exquisite performances.”

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