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Journey into Space may conjure up all manner of imagery, for Terry, “Journey into Space is about the path that we are all on towards the inner light, seeking that potential within all of us. Out of space, in every sense of the word, comes all creation.” He goes on to say: “This musical journey was not planned as such – each track unfolded as a reflection of each day”

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Terry Oldfield

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Guitar, Bansuri Flute, Keyboards, Vocals


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    “Terry Oldfield has a reputation for making beautiful music for the soul, be it meditation themed soundscapes, ethnic-tinged rhythms or introspective music for yoga. Oldfield turns his gaze upward and outward with JOURNEY INTO SPACE, which features his signature flute playing as the driving force in a collection of songs inspired by the mysteries of the stars. Terry’s brother, popular artist Mike Oldfield, joins in with his signature guitar playing while Soraya Saraswati lends her sweet vocals to several of the tracks. The music features light rhythm (tablas, electronic beats), with chant vocal maples often floating through the backdrop as Terry’s bansuri flute leads the way. Once again, Terry Oldfield offers a relaxing journey for the listener- one fans of his music will certainly want to embark on.”

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