In the Presence of Light


In the Presence of Light is an essential companion for yoga, meditation and healing, or simply relaxing!

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Product Description

Here is music that transcends time and space, allowing the true oneness of being to be felt. Magical woven melodies lead one to a place of inner calm, where the restless mind is stilled. With innovative play between piano, percussion and flutes, each track on this album is designed to bring us closer to our center.  In the Presence of Light is an essential companion for yoga, meditation and healing, or simply relaxing!

In the presence of light we are light itself.” ~ZEN POEM

Track List

1. Entering 2:29
2. Opening 1:56
3. Wonder 1:56
4. Surrender 4:42
5. Space 5:25
6. Presence 7:08
7. Longing 9:22
8. Freedom 5:09
9. Flight 3:41
10. Return 7:07

Total Time: 49:20


  1. “Terry Oldfield does a superb job of capturing the pure, luminous nature of light on this album of ethereal flowing melodies. Enchanting, magical sounding synthesized symphonics take center stage, while piano, flute and very subtle rhythmic elements provide accent. Many of the songs have a majestic quality to them, akin to soaring through the sky.
    Magic and feelings of wonder swirl in this rousing fantasia from Terry Oldfield. In the Presence of Light features the veteran flutist dabbling in ambient music, pairing his serene flute playing with grand, ethereal synthesized soundscapes. All of the tracks feature strong, defined melodies that range from dreamy to spacey in theme. Twinkly, crystalline keyboard sounds meld with subtle rhythmic elements, piano, cosmic sound effects and, of course, Oldfield’s characteristic flute playing. Songs like “Space” and “Flight” live up to the lofty suggestions of the titles, making listeners feel as if they are soaring through the clouds while they listen. “Longing” utilizes unique sound samples and vast flowing harmonies that bring to mind images of the deep sea. Oldfield finishes the journey with ‘waking from a dream’ quality of “Return.” This is a great album for anyone who longs to drift off into the world of dreams.”

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