Healing the Body


This guided meditation is designed to help you rediscover the miracle of your body and uncover the immense potential for healing that you carry within yourself.

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Product Description

The stresses of daily life take an enormous toll on our bodies and over time we fill and strain ourselves with fear, pain and regret. As this happens, we become overwhelmed with tension, thus losing touch with our body and it’s incredible, innate healing powers. When we are out of touch with our bodies everything is affected – our health, relationships, creativity, and ability to be at peace. Healing the Body is a guided meditation designed to help you rediscover the miracle of your body and uncover the immense potential for healing that you carry within yourself.

This CD is created so that you can use it again and again. Create an environment, where you can prepare for the meditation. Find a room where you can be quiet and undisturbed. Make sure your mobile and your telephone are not disturbing you. Make yourself comfortable, wear loose clothes, and let yourself be in a relaxed position. Allow your heart to open, when you move into this meditation, even if you do it a few times, it is good to have a few remaining minutes after the meditation for yourself.

Track List

1. Healing The Body Meditation 22:00
2. Healing The Body Soundtrack by Parijat 22:00

Total Time: 44:00


  1. “With her vast experience in the healing arts, therapist, Osho meditation instructor, and life coach Turiya Hanover is a natural for healing CDs. She also has a great German accent that’s both playful, a little humorous, relaxing, and undeniably authoritative. You want to do what she says, and you feel like she knows what she is talking about. She also conveys a sense of being deeply relaxed. When she tells you, “It’s all right to take your shoes off” and “let your toes circle a bit,” you can’t help but follow and feel yourself “Step by step / Opening.” Healing the Body is a 47-minute meditation that probes deeply into mind-body awareness, strengthening the connections, and guiding one’s attention toward effecting positive change and tranquility. It’s good for beginners because Hanover never ventures too far out too fast, and she never overdoes the visualization exercises. This is more of a hypnotic-suggestion sequence, relaxing us deeply and then leaving in our deepest centers the information for keeping our energy flowing and free of blocks.
    The music that plays while Hanover speaks is a relaxing, repeating piano motif. It can get repetitive if you are only casually listening, but why would you want to do that? Tune in deeply and the music’s simplicity becomes a mantra that helps enhance one’s deep theta-wave brain activity. When the music changes to a wistful higher-octave bridge you can feel it working, melting and relieving your soul, opening up blocked energy in the chakras.
    You might be thinking: I’m not good enough / That my body is too old or too fat or too ugly. / Just let these thoughts pass by, just like clouds through the sky, coming and going….” As she takes us deeper and deeper into the body, she guides us with the unfussy finesse of one who knows exactly where the trouble is and the shortest route to get there. The second track is just music for those practitioners who have drifted into a deep trance and want to just float for a while. And why shouldn’t you? When Hanover is on the job there’s nothing to worry about. Just let everything pass like clouds through the sky and know that you are˜in your own way, in this moment˜completely well and beautiful.”

  2. “Turiya Hanover is a therapist and life coach with a goal to help people heal inside, outside and spiritually. HEALING THE BODY touches on all of those aspects, but specifically was meant to help a person heal physically—from hurt, stress, or fear and the manifestation of those effects on the body. The program features two 25-minute tracks, one with guided meditation from Hanover and one that’s purely instrumental, featuring the soft, gentle piano music of Parijat that acts as a backdrop. This allows the listener the choice of journey with the aid of her uplifting narration or without. Regular use can help you unlock your inner healing potential.”

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