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Terry and Soraya travel the world giving concerts and offering various workshops. One of these workshops is called a Healing Sound Journey, guests are invited to lie down or sit comfortably, close their eyes, relax and listen, experiencing directly the vibration of the music in a space of deep peace and relaxation.In this beautiful space many people have reported they have come home to themselves and feel much more present and alive following the session. With this album we invite you to go on your own Healing Sound Journey.

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Terry Oldfield & Soraya Saraswati

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    “The Oldfield’s invite us back to their house for a new round of world/healing fusion music. Clocking in at exactly 60 minutes, keeping the healing arts practitioner in mind, this is one of those sets that gracefully crosses the lines between jazz, world and inner new age. Deceptively simple for lulling you into a healing cocoon that frees your mind, you can almost feel the constant dripping of the hot oil on your forehead as this plays. And now for something completely different…”

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