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Gypsy Heart is ideal for dancing, movement classes and celebration.

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Gypsy Heart is ideal for dancing, movement classes and celebration.

These tunes are for dancing. Most of them will take you from a slow beginning to a fine frenzy at the finish, and some will keep you in an energetic groove with a steady beat. Some of the tunes are original, but most have been danced to for generations wandering to wherever dancing feet are ready to enjoy them- like the Gypsies whose magical violins have long been my inspiration.” ~Ashik


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  1. “I played Gypsy Heart all the way through our 4-day workshop last week for the Sammasati Support-Person Training, whenever we wanted to dance, including at Evening Meeting: it was totally fab; everyone loved it and wanted to know its title and how to buy it!”

  2. “Ashik is one of those crafty indie cats that’s passionate about gypsy inspired music and knows how to add just the right special sauce to the mix to create dancing music for non-dancers that’s fun to hear and be spirited away by. Bouncy, energetic as well as hypnotic, this set certainly has an ethnic core but it’s as easily relatable as any of the cool gypsy inspired music of the last 30 years that crept into the mainstream mind even if by sneaking in through the back door. A fun, tasty outing that will have you tapping you toe before even know you’re doing it. Quite the instrumental delight, this is on the money throughout.”

  3. “The spirit and passion of Gypsy music is a driving force in compositions of multi-instrumentalist Ashik. Schooled at Oxford and tutored in nuances of world music through his travels, Ashik sought a music career that would blend all of the threads of his experience, offering a cross-cultural tapestry that is married to the vibrant, sometimes frenetic rhythms of European gypsy culture. On GYPSY HEART, his nimble violin dances its way through a series of different dance songs with roots in a variety of traditions, including Russian folk music, Bolivian charango, Hungarian dances and Middle Eastern melodies. Strings are front and center, while Irish whistle, various drums, guitar and other instruments dance together in festive arrangements. The music is exotic and infectious, often beginning slow and subtle before rising into a frenzy of strings and beats.”

  4. “Delightful music in the gypsy genre from Ashik, some tracks his own compositions, others traditional tunes from the cafés and fairgrounds of Eastern Europe, woven in with Andean flutes and Belfast fiddles. Ashik’s masterly violin is underscored throughout by a vigorous double base and a generous serve of gypsy cheek and swagger.
    Tunes that immediately tap the toes are also elegant and non-intrusive, like a skilled violinist playing beside a tête-à-tête dinner table. Never overpowering, you can listen to this music anywhere and see everyone start to smile and sway, even jump up and jig! (I caught myself playing air violin in the bathroom…) Fun stuff and a risk free gift: if unsure of a friend’s musical tastes, this CD will fill a gap in the most comprehensive musical collection.”

  5. “With Gypsy Heart, Ashik keeps your toes tapping and brings a world of rhythm and dance to life! A perfect follow up to the original Gypsy Soul.”

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