Glastonbury Tor


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The ancient energies of the ‘Green Isles’ are called forth through Terry Oldfield’s flutes and arrangements on Glastonbury Tor. Powerful vibrant rhythms combined with soulful Gregorian Chanting and soaring flutes lead us into a place of renewal.

* Formerly titled “Icon” *

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Terry Oldfield

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    “The Oldfield reissue program rolls on mightily with this trip through the land of the Celts. This set only has three extended tracks since the Celts believe that only three candles are needed to light up all darkness. With flutes and chants harkening back to the golden age of alt. new age, this set is well designed for restful moments when the seeker goes within and shuts out the maya. A sweetly created neo-classical session that will have you traveling through the mists in no time. Well done.”

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