Garden of the Gods

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The sonic textures of voice and keyboard create a profoundly relaxing musical sanctuary.

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The unparalleled celestial soundscapes that Deuter is best known for, have attained an even more expansive quality with the addition of the heavenly vocal stylings of Annette Cantor in Garden of the Gods. The sonic textures of voice and keyboard create a profoundly relaxing musical sanctuary.

When I think of a garden I think of lush greens, an abundance of colors and shapes, a place that nurtures the spirit and our ability to care for ourselves with tenderness and joy. And singing is for me a way in which people at all times have lifted their souls up to the gods. It has been a dream for me to sing in a way in which the voice is a true instrument, no longer kept in the mental realm of words but free to express the yearning, beauty, love and blissfulness of the inner experience through pure sound. I am ever so grateful for Chaitanya’s loving spirit and his sensitive musicianship during this collaboration.” ~Annette Cantor

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  1. I have just discovered Deuter & Temple of silence. I have fallen in love with it and will be buying the album soon. I cannot believe it is not more well known. It is beautiful & transcends all language & touches the heart & soul. This is music therapy/medecine.I will be sharing widely. Please place an advert on You Tube. Sublime. Beautiful. Healing. Thank you/Vielen Dank Deuter, Annette & Earth Records Namaste


  3. “Deuter’s Garden of the Gods opens us to the grounded Heart of Nature. Whenever I need to feel supported, nurtured and connected to my heart, this is the CD I choose. Her voice and his music are exquisitely matched. Thank you Deuter.”

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