Garden of the Beloved


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In Garden of the Beloved, gifted musicians from around the world integrate their musical traditions with the fresh breeze of Osho’s vision. Pioneers in the New Age Music field joined with classically trained artists, rock and jazz instrumentalists, and musicians from diverse folk traditions to create a remarkable synthesis that stands in a category of its own.

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Music from the World of Osho

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    “This moving CD holds rhythms of many moods, taking you beyond the mind, unfolding the mystery of the spiritual heart. Every song embraces a different harmony, speaking to the world, uniting shore to shore on wings of love. Transcend, melt into the arms of love in the Garden of the Beloved.”

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    “Just listening to this disk made me feel lighter and centered. It is lyrical and moving, making it perfect for my yoga classes and everyday listening when I want to create a light and inviting atmosphere.”

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    “At the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India, a retreat facility dedicated toward the teachings and legacy of spiritual guru Osho, visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in meditation and healing work. Although not quite as vivid of an experience as strolling through the center’s zen gardens or taking a dip in the crystalline spa, GARDEN OF THE BELOVED presents an album of music that mimics the resort’s spiritual seeker vibe and its appreciation for the Asian arts. Featuring music collectively performed (live at the facility) by 28 unnamed artists from around the world, GARDEN OF THE BELOVED presents lush, tabla-infused rhythms, zen-style flute melodies, the allure of the sitar and other Asian-themed sounds. The music makes a great companion for healing work, yoga or meditation.”

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