Gaia’s Garden


This album contains Chinmaya Dunster’s musical expression of feelings evoked by some of Earth’s most beautiful places.

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Product Description

This album contains Chinmaya Dunster’s musical expression of feelings evoked by some of Earth’s most beautiful places. Gaia (the Earth Goddess of the ancient Greeks) is a metaphor for the interconnectedness of all life on this planet. Her garden of water, sunlight, rock and air supports us all. This music is a tribute of love to Her.

Track 1: Cloud Forest Sanctuary

Highland forests in the tropics are the greatest treasuries of biodiversity on Earth. This song evokes their misty realm of mystery.

Track 2: Springing From the Mountains

A stream tumbles down from the mountains, over rocks, through glades and gorges; bubbling, youthful, energetic – the source of life for the plains below.

Track 3: A Smiling Sun

With a protective ozone layer and a climate in harmony, the sun is a smiling benediction upon the Earth below. This song celebrates a golden harvest ripening under a smiling sun.

Track 4: Ocean Emotions

The oceans act as our planet’s lungs and circulatory system. This song responds to its moods—fierce and stormy, calm and welcoming; its reefs teeming with life, its black depths beyond our comprehension.

Track 5: Rainstorm

Rainstorms bring the blessing of sky to earth: from gentle showers like a kiss, to monsoon deluges like a great embrace. Without rain all life on land must dwindle. We mess with our climate at our peril!

Track 6: Blessing from the Ancient Trees

The giants of the forest have stood like sentinels for hundreds or even thousands of years. This song conveys their message to us: “In me is joy in being alive. May such joy be in you too!”

Track 7: Savanna Scene

The world’s savannas are home to the last great herds of wild mammals. We are lucky to have been able to witness such stupendous abundance. Will our grandchildren be able to say the same?

Track 8: Blue Sky Meditation

Lie on your back on a patch of ground and look up into an empty sky. Feel Gaia supporting you, firm and comforting. After a while it can seem as if the vastness of space itself is poured into you. Gaia is part of something far bigger than herself. You too are part of that whole.

Track 9: Desert Winds

Winds blow over the dry lands, picking up dust and spreading nutrients across the oceans and continents. This song conveys my feeling for their timeless journeys, without which our Earth would be a poorer place.

Track 10: The Disappeared

A tearful tribute to the many creatures that mankind has wiped from the face of the Earth forever: the passenger pigeon, the dodo, the giant moa and so many more.

Listen to ‘A Tribute to the Beauty We Have Lost” from Gaia’s Garden:

Track List

1. Cloud Forest Sanctuary
2. Springing From the Mountains
3. A Smiling Sun
4. Ocean Emotions
5. Rainstorm
6. Blessing from the Ancient Trees
7. Savanna Scene
8. Blue Sky Meditation
9. Desert Winds
10. The Disappeared

Total Time: 59:52

©2011 by New Earth Records / NE 3113
Published by Shiva Shakti Music Publishing BMI


  1. “GAIA’S GARDEN finds Chinmaya Dunster contemplating the beauty and majesty of the natural world, using music to conjure images of regal forests, manicured gardens and mountainous landscapes. Dunster’s music mixes Asian (in particular Indian) influences with warm new age melodies; the combination makes for smooth, flowing pieces of music with an uplifting quality. The interplay of violin, sarod and santoor gives the music an exotic feel, further buoyed up by the percolating tabla beats. Keyboards and drone instruments flesh out the backdrops, with coo guitars, piano and various types of flutes adding to the effect. Indian vocals provide the garnish on many of the tracks, adding to the languid mood. This is Chinmaya’s most relaxed album to date, and it will certainly please any listener who likes contemporary instrumental music with a subtle Indian tinge.”

  2. “Gaia’s Garden takes you on a moving musical journey through the idyllic environments of Mother Earth. Dunster has drawn from a worldwide network of talented musicians playing an eclectic array of world instruments to create an album that connects the listener to the beauty and diversity of our natural world. A must for your collection!”

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