Forgiveness Meditation

Forgiveness Meditation Turiya Parijat New Earth Records

This guided meditation teaches you how to forgive others and yourself for things that are still weighing upon your heart.

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Product Description

Sooner or later the present moment is going to be your last, and you will have to ask yourself – Have I really lived? Have I really loved? Have I really forgiven those who have hurt me? And most importantly, have I forgiven myself for my failures in love and my unconscious actions in life?

The things that prevent you from opening yourself up are born out of embitterment and resentment. The pain and hurt we cause others and ourselves close us off even more. Whether we do this unconsciously or because we do not know better, it happens nevertheless.

Forgiveness Meditation guides you to examine old and unfinished business in your relationships. It will assist you to learn how to forgive others and yourself for things that are still weighing upon your heart. Listening to this CD will help you to open up a deep sense of compassion for yourself and others.

Created so that you can use it again and again, this is an ideal meditation for dealing with times of significant change or transition, as well as for discovering new methods of healing sickness. Prepare for this meditation by creating an environment that is quiet and where you will not be disturbed. Remember to unplug or turn off your phone. Sit down, make yourself comfortable, wear loose clothes and let your body relax. Empty your mind and allow your heart to open as you move into this meditation. Allow yourself a few minutes afterwards for personal time and reflection. Please refrain from listening to this meditation when you drive.

Track List

1. Forgiveness Meditation 26:00
2. Forgiveness Soundtrack by Parijat 26:00

Total Time: 52:00


  1. “Forgiveness can be one of the key obstacles in any journey toward inner peace, and Germanˆborn meditation instructor and healer Turiya Hanover knows all about it. In Forgiveness Hanover guides listeners through a deeply relaxing session of visualization and nurturing understanding, release, acceptance, and transcendence, accompanied by a warming instrumental composition from New Age composer Parijat. The result is a nourishing bath for the mind and spirit that can be taken anytime you need to check back in with what’s truly important; you can forgive yourself and others all the perceived shortcomings and infractions of your imagination.
    It hurts to close your heart,” says Hanover. “It hurts to cut off from love.” She advises: “Let yourself feel how all this openness and forgiveness might melt the anger, just like ice at the end of the winter, when the spring sun emerges, slowly it melts into a small river.” The Parijat music in the background roots everything with a sense of mystery, immediacy, and the warm pang of nostalgic regret, perhaps for so much of your life wasted by holding grudges. But the measured, dreamy, German-accented voice of Hanover steers your mind toward the tools of forgiveness, asking you to hold people in “the center of your heart.” She shows you how to channel sorrow and misgivings into an opportunity for love and positive change.
    Many of us reject ourselves more than anybody else, let the power of yourself come inside of your heart,” Hanover advises. “It might have the face of your inner child; it is the part of you that is innocent.” You can tell by the sweetness and maternal warmth in her voice that Hanover is feeling this instruction deeply. Emotion crackles through her smooth, nurturing voice as she takes us deep into the war-torn parts of our psyche, encouraging our traumatized inner child to come out of its hiding place, to help it understand, at that deep basic level, that everything is finally all right.
    The second track is the instrumental version featuring Parijat’s music. It‚s for when you’ve come to know the meditation well enough to practice it (or a different one) on your own, and want the soothing, spirit-awakening sound of Parijat’s piano melodies, echoing guitars, and warming synthesizers to lull you into fuller consciousness. All in all, Forgiveness is a comfort zone waiting to happen, a beautifully realized retreat where you can bring your hang-ups, fears, and resentments, and reemerge with love, peace, and wisdom.”

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