Earth Blue



Deuter’s soulful flute and enchanting, layered melodies invite you into a world of inner silence and vital meditation.

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Deuter’s soulful flute and enchanting, layered melodies invite you into a world of inner silence and vital meditation. Earth Blue is composed with a superb sensitivity that allows the listener’s spirit to unfold.

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    “Deuter is such an old pro at creating sonic soundscapes it would be news if he didn’t make a solid album. Not content to cover the same ground again, he creates a welcoming environment that the listener can’t help but fall into. A real adult alternative set from a canon that keeps growing very nicely.”



    “I confess. I’ve been a Deuter fan for years. The man has been creating new age music for over three decades, yet none of his recent albums suggest that his mastery has lessened or his compositions have descended into the formulaic. Rather, Deuter’s unquestionable spiritual belief in the transcendent power of music continues to produce albums that are elevating, healing, and invocative of an angelic, metaphysical reality.
    The current project is the result of a partnership with automaker Volkswagen. This exclusive collaboration makes Deuter’s music available through the Autostadt Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, Germany. If this begins to sound like a 21st century version of Brian Eno’s classic Music for Airports, rest assured that Deuter’s music is equally hypnotic but totally his own.
    The spacey engineering of much New Age music seems gratuitous, even cliched, a response to consumer expectation and genre definition rather than flowing organically from the music itself. Deuter’s music is another thing entirely. His skill with flute and synthesizers, augmented by Annette Cantor’s violin, transports us to a dimension where the underlying harmony of the universe seems the natural order of things. In a word, yes.”



    “Picking out a single album from Deuter’s catalog as “essential” is nigh impossible. However, Earth Blue gets the nod because the CD illustrates that Deuter is as good at crafting ambient music as he is at his more typical New Age genre. Intermixing floating, serene electronic selections with more uptempo numbers featuring sparkling guitar melodies and lilting flute and recorder, this music, commissioned for the Autostadt Exhibition in Wolfsburg, Germany, is a revelation of the depth and breadth of this man’s superior talent.”

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