Divine Visions


Padma Previ’s chanting of Sanskrit mantras for healing and devotion flows straight to the listener’s heart.

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Padma Previ’s chanting of Sanskrit mantras for healing and devotion flows straight to the listener’s heart. Modern but still authentic, the music in Divine Visions offers access to the realm of holy mantras. Discover the Divine within yourself.

Sold Only in United States, Canada, and Mexico.

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Padma Previ

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  1. “Padma Previ is the wonderful vocalist on this release of Sanskrit chants for healing and devotion. All of the talented musicians are listed, and there are translations of the chants. The music is great, contemporary in its arrangements, compelling, and rich. It’s sensual rhythms will appeal to a much wider audience than those who may already be familiar with mantras and chants.”

  2. “Padma Previ sings traditional, devotional Indian mantras set to contemporary music in this commendable album [Divine Visions]. After a spin around the circle of 5ths in the first cut, I was reassured in subsequent cuts as the album got down to creative business with some moving and wonderful musical reworkings of such chants as “Om Namah Shivaya” and the ‘Gayatri Mantra.’ I was also struck by the universality of the musical settings when giving a listen to the album as a whole, perhaps due to the contemporary world music roots Ms. Previ draws upon.”

  3. “Beautiful Indian mantras, arranged masterfully for western earswithout loosing any of its exotic magic. Accompanied by the verypleasurable voiceof Padma Previ, that saturates your soul….”

  4. “With Divine Visions, Padma Previ perfectly harmonizes the sultry rhythms of the Near East with traditional devotional Indian mantras. This soulful fusion provides the listener with an experience steeped in the religious practices of an ancient culture while simultaneously laying new foundations for contemporary world music. Truly a sensual exploration of culture and sound not to be missed.”

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