De Profundis: Out of the Depths II


The sound is moving, mysterious and alluring, reaching wave-like climaxes and then returning to the beautiful and familiar depths of Terry’s music.

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Product Description

In this follow-up to the much acclaimed De Profundis: Out of the Depths II, Terry Oldfield, combines his beautiful music with the majesty of the whale’s song and haunting voice of Dani Vickery. The sound is moving, mysterious and alluring, reaching wave-like climaxes and then returning to the beautiful and familiar depths of Terry’s music. A great addition for a timeless collection.

*2005 Narcissus Award, Album of the Year, Winner*

Track List

1. Deep Connection 4:24
2. De Profundis 10:38
3. Ocean Song 11:22
4. Out of the Depths 26:25

Total Time: 52:49


  1. “The dulcet tones of soprano and alto flutes played by Terry Oldfield on his new release, De Profundis: Out of the Depth II, coupled with synthesizers and vocals, truly give one the expansive feel of the depths of the ocean. A very thin texture of instrumentation gives that wide-open feeling, with haunting vocals drawing the listener into a world below. Sweet, simple melodic lines accented by an equally simple piano arpeggio work together to create this feeling of swimming in a sea of peace. In the third of four tracks he opens with whale song and ocean sounds. Then, gradually, he brings in the flutes. These echo one another in a delightful, freeflowing vocal chant. In the last track the vocals are layered to sound like a bevy of chanting cherubs to give the listener the feeling of heaven under water as she drifts in a blissful sea. Oldfield has honored his skills through years of creating albums and soundtracks for film and TV. His credits include National Geographic and discography of more than 20 albums since 1983. He is a master.”

  2. “Terry’s music falls into the New Age category, but goes well beyond the simple ambient sounds that’s often associated with the genre.”

  3. “Delve into an ocean of sound and drift away with the evocative and alluring sounds of flute composed by Terry Oldfield. A haunting melody that will infuse and delight the senses. Intermingled with Terry’s beautiful music are the sounds of the whale and the beautiful voice of Dani Vickery. Conjuring up magical landscapes of distant monasteries, spiritual energy and more, this is a thanksgiving for the Lord.”

  4. “Renowned flautist Terry Oldfield has created a wonderful gift for the healing-music market with De Profundis: Out of the Depths II. Every healer will want this gorgeous, soothing CD in their practice s music collection and in their home CD collection. The album s four extended-length songs, one as long as 26 minutes, pay homage to Psalm 129: De profundis clamavi ad te Domine. Domine exaudi vocem meam, which translates as, Out of the depths I have cried to thee, oh Lord. Lord, hear my voice. In a time when people are struggling for cultural and global definition and meaning, these words have especially significant impact.
    The album was recorded over an entire year in Queensland, Australia. Winding between moving orchestral sections, repeated and layered choral renditions of the psalm, and Oldfied s peaceful alto and soprano flutes, this music is sure to stir up emotions in any listener. The hints of whale song on several of the tracks center the sound, bringing listeners back to nature and the healing potential of water. Play De Profundis: Out of the Depths II in your store to encourage customers peace and well-being.”

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