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Chakra Clearing and Healing Sounds takes one on a journey of healing accompanied by the soothing voice of Soraya Saraswati and the music of Terry Oldfield. Chakra Clearing is a guided meditation that uses healing color and breath to clear away old patterns and to inhale positive strengths to each of the seven major energy centers, thus restoring a feeling of healing and self-empowerment. Healing Sound Journey is based on the elements of the seven chakras. With deep and soaring sounds of flutes, crystal bowls, didgeridoo and sounds from nature, one is led on a deeply cleansing journey through sound. This album is an invaluable tool for healing and meditation practice!

Chakra clearing is an important way of cleansing the body of negative energies and removing energy blockages. This guided program, which features the soft, caring instruction of Soraya Saraswati and the soothing ambient music of Terry Oldfield, will help you to achieve the inner balance you need for health and vitality.

* Formerly titled “Chakra Clearing and Healing Sound Journey” *

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Terry Oldfield & Soraya Saraswati

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    “As the gentle, soothing voice of Soraya Saraswati eases the listener through a meditation to clear and enhance the seven chakras, her husband and partner Terry Oldfield provides a serene musical background. Each chakra is addressed in full as Saraswati invokes color, location, and significance of the energy center, helping the listener release negative energy to feel restored and rejuvenated. The second track on the CD is a sound journey by Oldfield designed to “break up dense energy,” as Saraswati explains at the beginning. Using flutes, crystal bowls, didgeridoo and more, Oldfield provides a 25-minute sound landscape [on this second track] that’s ideal for meditation or yoga.”

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    “Join Soraya Saraswati on a journey of transformation and therapy. Chakra Clearing and Healing Sounds is a guided meditative experience designed to help you to remove stagnant energy and experience a sense of revitalization. Saraswati guides you through each chakra center, focusing on the properties of each and how one can use meditation to release pent up or agitated energy. Saraswati’s voice is calm and reassuring, which adds to the effectiveness of the process. The second of the two mediations on the recording is a sonic healing meditation, which utilizes sound vibrations to dissolve energy blockages and lead one into a state of powerful relaxation. Terry Oldfield provides an accent to Saraswati’s teaching with his score of crystal bowls, fluted, keyboards and didgeridoo.”

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