Celtic Spirit


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Celtic Spirit awakens in one a deep sense of longing as the melodies unfold from Terry’s flutes and Irish whistles, inspiring an unforgettable journey into an ancient Celtic world of beauty and magic. This album is an essential addition to any music collection!

* Formerly titled “Celt” *

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Terry Oldfield

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Bagpipes, tin whistles, keyboards, alto & soprano flutes, drums, percussion


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    “Veteran flutist Terry Oldfield takes listeners on a journey to the Green Isle with Celtic Spirit, an album of timeless Irish melodies performed with Oldfield’s timeless panache. The music presented here is completely instrumental, with emphasis on lilting winds and Irish whistles as the central melodic component. This gives the music an airy, ethereal quality that fits well with the imagery of rolling Irish hillsides. Adding to the grandeur of the album are the sounds of keyboards, which are utilized to give the music a symphonic flair. All of the songs included are traditional favorites like ‘Woman of Ireland,’ ‘She Moves Through the Fair,’ and ‘The Emerald Vale,’ which are known and loved the world over. Celtic Spirit proves that Oldfield is a multi-talented individual, certainly capable of creating music that covers the spectrum of musical influence.”

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