Celebration of Light


This is Deuter’s offering for the holiday season! On Celebration of Light, traditional holiday music was selected that is both heartfelt, simple, and which has been played throughout the centuries.

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Product Description

New Age icon Deuter has released his first holiday music album and—no surprise—he’s done an outstanding job. Retaining his trademark “sound” yet infusing plenty of extra seasonal flavor, the CD contains some easily recognizable holiday carols, such as “Greensleeves,” “Coventry Carol,” and “Silent Night,” as well as some that will be new to all but the most well-versed music historians (some pieces date back to the 13th century). Don’t expect “Winter Wonderland” or “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town,” though. The CD’s 15 tracks are mostly serene meditations with gentle melodies and uncluttered arrangements.

Celebration of Light is the perfect album to play all holiday season and even beyond through winter’s end and the first signs of spring. It’s perfect late-night listening when you’re stressed out from all the holiday hustle and bustle!

“The Festival of Light originates with the winter solstice. Ages ago people recognized that the days were getting longer and that the life-giving sleight was once again returning to their lives, they celebrated this cyclic progression of the seasons. Ultimately, this is a celebration of change.

During my childhood in Europe, some of my most vivid memories of the holiday season were that we used dangles instead of electric lights, the smell of the Christmas tree, the scent of baking, and burning sparklers. Yet, my strongest association to the holidays will always be the music. I loved the church choirs, the Christmas concerts and the memories they continue to evoke; they deeply give a wonderful feeling for this time of year.

I’ve also attempted to express feelings of winter; the silence that comes with deep snowfalls and wide country0side, whiteouts in the distance and the sun shining through the woods. All of these elements inspired and guided the creation of this, my first Christmas album.” ~C.G. Deuter

The most refreshing versions of Christmas music since the originals.” ~Thomas Fitzsimmos, Poet

Track List

1. In Dulci Jubilo 3:05
2. Greensleeves 5:58
3. Prelude #1 in C/Ave Maria 2:50
4. Als ich bei meinen Schafen wacht 1:44
5. Coventry Carol 3:50
6. Stille Nacht 3:30
7. Es ist ein Ros’ entsprungen 4:35
8. Singt und klingt 2:10
9. Largo 5:15
10. Leise rieselt der Schnee 3:00
11. Uns kommt ein Schiff geladen 4:42
12. Frozen Waters 3:20
13. Maria durch ein Dornwald ging 4:16
14. Spagnoletta 3:00
15. Gegrüssest seist du Maria 4:32

Total Time: 55:47


  1. “One of the finest New Age artists around, Santa Fe-based multi-instrumentalist/composer Deuter mixes 12 mostly familiar songs from the 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th centuries with one of his own lovely, heart-touching compositions. The presentation is simple, the instruments mostly acoustic, and the feeling one of deep and abiding peace and contentment. The combination of silver flute, alto flute, recorders, French horn, and synthesized instruments is just lovely.”

  2. “Talented New Age instrumentalist Deuter plays alto flute and recorder on his first Christmas album, and it is an elegant, heartfelt set of traditional and classical themes, including the 14th century work “In Dulci Jubilo,” Bach’s Prelude No 1 in C major, Gounod’s “Ave Maria,” “Largo” from “Winter” (one of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons), and Gruber’s “Stille Nacht (Silent Night).” Serene and meditative, it’s a balm for the hectic aspects of the season.”

  3. “Deuter has built a career on making music that resides on the softer side of the musical spectrum; music that beckons the listener to dive into a world free of cares and full of meditative bliss. It only makes sense then that he would use his gifts to add a sense of beauty and light to a time of year that has become synonymous with crowded shopping malls and endless to-do lists.
    CELEBRATION OF LIGHT features a selection of songs designated to bring peace and joy to the Christmas season and Winter Solstice. The music is entirely instrumental, featuring soft renditions of songs that Deuter personally finds moving, like “In Dulci Jubilo,” “Greensleeves,” and “Winter” from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, as well as a few original pieces.
    The music utilizes syth ambience, flutes, harp and enchanting keyboard effects to provide a festive, yet serene atmosphere.”

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