Buddha Nature


Deuter’s enchanting flute and soft rhythms blend layered melodies with water sounds, inviting us to a world where our own Buddha nature is revealed.

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Deuter’s enchanting flute and soft rhythms blend layered melodies with water sounds, inviting us to a world where our own Buddha nature is revealed. Buddha Nature is ideal for meditation, massage, bodywork and relaxation.

“One of my favorite Zen stories is the one about Tozan weighing flax: The Master Tozan was weighing some flax in the storeroom. A monk came up to him and asked: “What is Buddha?” Tozan said, “This flax weighs five pounds.” This little but potent story, awakened me one day to a deeper understanding of Buddha nature and a sudden seeing that everything I have always been searching for is already happening, right now, in this moment. It gave me a glimpse of the incredible mystery of life and our existence.

Today, Tozan would probably not be weighing flax but maybe changing the oil in his motorbike, reading e-mail or playing the flute. And his answer would be different, according to the moment. Because it is the quality of being present in this very moment — that is Buddha nature. Not having one’s mind travel into the past or future, but relaxing into what is, non-doing and learning to enjoy one’s being.” ~C. G. Deuter

*Winner of the New Age Voice Music Award for Best Meditation/Healing Album!*

The mind cannot

Become the Buddha.

The body cannot

Become the BUddha.

Only what cannot become the Buddha

Can become the Buddha.

~A Zen Poem

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  1. “The Buddha nature can be defined as the quality of being present in the moment. In his latest effort, Buddha Nature, Deuter, an innovative German electronic pioneer during the progressive rock era and pioneer of today’s meditative and inspiring music, explores the elusive taste of stillness. Ideal for body and spirit work,this is a more abstract, but no less soul-soothing,album than some of his others. Featuring melodies that merge into electronic soundscapes,a soulful, uplifting flute accompanies the sounds of birds, crickets, bells and flowing water, helping you let go and go within. On “Amida,” Tibetan bells, flute and crickets evoke a nighttime walk through a moonlit forest, while the guitar and flute infused 28-minute “Illumination” feels like ajoyful sunrise walk and the title track “Buddha Nature” feels like a soulful midday illumination.Very calming, peaceful, hopeful and heartfelt, it makes for an unparalleled meditation soundtrack.”

  2. “One of the more accomplished multi-instrumentalists in new age music, C. G. Deuter has spent more than two decades refining and purifying his spiritually charged instrumental landscapes. Buddha Nature is not as Asian as the name might imply, but rather an album of sublime music… never too emotional, just nice and relaxing. Synthesized ambiance flows throughout each of the five tracks, often resulting in music that falls somewhere between heavenly and spacey. Deuter lightly sprinkles his fluid creations with bits of instrumentation like chimes, guitar, piano, and flutes for a sound that’s rich, meditative and wonderfully blissful.”

  3. “Musical notes fall like a gentle rain to soothe and caress the weary soul. Sit beside the gentle, quiet, rippling stream and allow the soft strains of exotic instruments calm the nerves and heal the agitated spirit. Deuter’s music has been around since the early 70’s and he has attempted to create musical soundscapes that give the listener ‘a chance to go inside oneself, to leave the world behind and get recharged. “Illumination” is a Delicate flight of melodious sounds that bestow a peaceful sense of relaxation much needed in our lives of hectic motion.”

  4. “I don’t know about you, but I am constantly searching for music to fit the bill when clients ask for “something quiet and relaxing.” I have to admit, space music is really not my cup of ocha (tea!). I have a pretty good selection of Jazz, Brazilian and other upbeat “Qi tonic” kinda music. But I get bored of monotony, finding all too often that there is a fine line between “quite” and “insipid.” If you are like me, Buddha Nature is varied enough to keep your interest but relaxing enough to sooth your clients with jangled nerves and “excess” natures. Lilting flute seamlessly binds together Tibetan singing bowl harmonics, sounds from nature and keyboards. Each track flows into the next; the natural sounds are not overdone to the point of being unbelievable. One client asked if I could see what kind of birds there were outside! My favorite cut has the soulful sound of a Japanese shakuhachi flute. A great mood match for Asian bodywork! The artist Deuter was obviously inspired by Buddhism for this recording. On the CD jacket, Deuter says, “Because it is the quality of being present in this very moment – that is Buddha nature. Not having one’s mind travel into the past or future, but relaxing into what is, non-doing and learning to enjoy one’s being.
    Indeed, the Buddhist concept of being present for our clients is almost more important that anything else. I appreciate an artist whose intention is to bring our awareness to the hear and now. I think too much music designed for bodywork encourages our clients to check out instead of notice what they are feeling in their bodies during the session.
    So far, all of my clients have given ‘Buddha Nature’ a thumbs up, as I thumb down their meridians! This CD is a welcome addition to anyone’s ABT music collection.”

  5. “Deuter: Innovative German electronic pioneer during the prog rock era, went the way of Florian Fricke and dove deep into the waters of the new age. Deuter went far deeper, however, retaining none of his connection with the street or underground music scene that spawned him. He has become a leading light in the music of healing and meditation, and Buddha Nature is his most focused yet most stridently abstract work in this genre to date. Deuter’s correct perception that Buddha Nature is inseparable from bliss/void and compassion Ú illustrated by the image of Avlokiteshvara (the Buddha of compassion who the Dalai Lama is said to be a reincarnation of) on the cover & creates five meditative tracks that deal with different aspects of the Path impressionistically. His trademark blend of keyboards, flutes, stringed instruments, and ambient soundscapes creates a web of musically impressionistic narratives that delve underneath the active perception of the listener and create a sense of stillness. The longest track here, ‘Illumination,’ which is almost 28 minutes in length, hovers in one timbral range for most of it while keeping the music flowing and pouring through, changing like waves on a beach. Elsewhere, on the title track, all of the melodic fragments are engaged in a process of unfolding at the same time. It’s quite remarkable that so much could happen in what seems like a static music. There are moments when the “bliss” element can be overbearing, especially on the last track, ‘Blessing,’ but in all, this is as good as new age music gets.”

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