On this CD we have Tina Turner chanting three Buddhist prayers and imparting the overall spiritual message, Dechen Shak-Dagsay singing Buddhist prayers, and Regula Curti singing Christian prayers.

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New Earth is proud to present the album Beyond: Buddhist and Christian Prayers featuring Tina Turner, Dechen Shak-Dagsay, and Regula Curti. With the Beyond album we wish to share our vision that whoever we may be, whatever religion we may come to – when we pray and our prayers come from our deepest heart, a transformation takes place and we find ourselves “Beyond right and wrong.”

We experience the immense power of deep spirituality whenever we chant together although each person is praying in his own tradition. On this CD we have Tina Turner chanting three Buddhist prayers and imparting the overall spiritual message, Dechen Shak-Dagsay singing Buddhist prayers, and Regula Curti singing Christian prayers.

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“All religion teaches the virtues of love, altruism and patience, while showing us how to discipline and transform ourselves to achieve inner peace and a kind heart. Therefore, they are worthy of our respect. Music, singing and chanting are powerful ways to express and communicate such wholesome ideas with and among others. Bringing together corresponding pieces from Christian and Tibetan Buddhist traditions, as has been done here, will allow listeners to share in these prayers, stirring thoughts of deeper respect and peace in their lives.” - His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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Tina Turner, Dechen Shak-Dagsay, and Regula Curti

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  1. Spirituality & Health Magazine


    “The hauntingly beautiful opening ‘Alleluia’ gives way to a Buddhist chant, then blends the spirit of the two, touching the soul before the mind can enter and interfere; then the voice of Turner calls us to ‘embrace the cycle of life,’ saying that it is ‘the greatest love.’ This album, and the three musicians from vastly different backgrounds who have created it, does what it promises — it takes us, in a way that only music can, beyond fear, beyond right and wrong, beyond division to unity. This 15-track CD of sung Christian and Buddhist prayers was described by the Boston Globe as ‘highly esoteric’ and its music as ‘immaculate.’ And while those who know Tina Turner as a powerful and energetic entertainer may experience a bit of a jolt upon hearing her in this mode, she brings to it a long history with Buddhism and a deep personal spirituality. Dechen Shak-Dagsay, a Buddhist, and Regula Curti, a Christian, were inspired to create this album by an interreligious dialogue and ceremony convened in 1995 by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Abbott Martin Werlen, head of the Benedictine monastery in Einsiedeln, Switzerland. The two religious leaders called the audience to cultivate and deepen their own religious practice, while seeking to live the values shared across all faith traditions. Shak-Dagsay and Curti then began a quest to understand their own traditions and inspire each other to find their shared truth. The deep love and respect they found for each other through singing their overlapped prayers led them to share this boundless love with others. The team then asked Turner, who had inspired them (as well as millions of women) with her powerful voice, dance, and music, to contribute to the project. Turner used ancient writings, the words of masters from different cultures, the work of Deepak Chopra, and her own spiritual experience to create a message that would unite listeners with the message of healing, life, and love. ‘It is our deepest belief that love and compassion are the unifying essence of every religion,’ say Curti and Shak-Dagsay. ‘Together, we can make this world a better place to be. Keep singing. Singing takes you beyond.”

  2. Audiophile Audition Review


    ” In 2005 The Dalai Lama and Abbot Martin Werlen of a Swiss Benedictine Monastery held a shared ceremony of interreligious dialog. They reminded the audience to cultivate and deepen their own religion and to search for shared values across all belief systems. Their words inspired two singers to create a CD with Buddhist and Christian prayers musically melded. One is Deschen Shak-Dagsay, a native Tibetan mantra singer whose family fled Tibet in 1959 and currently lives in Switzerland. She has done four previous CDs for New Earth Records, and the Dalai Lama has appointed her an Ambassador of Peace for Tibetans. The other is Regula Curti, founder of the Center of Therapy & Education in Zurich, Switzerland – a music and art therapist and singing teacher. She uses Buddhist and Hindu prayers in her work at the Center, and was inspired to also sing and teach Christian prayers. The two singers turned to 71-year-old Tina Turner, a practicing Buddhist, to introduce and participate with readings and chanting. The idea is to explore the love and compassion that are the unifying essence of every religion. Out of her own religious experience Tina created a touching message to heal and inspire, teach and uplift. It is her first spiritual recording project ever. A 36-page booklet accompanies the album, with all the prayers on the 15 tracks of the CD in English. There is a short paragraph on each prayer and meditation, explaining its origins and uses. The Dalai Lama said of the album that it “will allow listeners to share in these prayers, stirring thoughts of deeper respect and peace in their lives.” There are no credits for the instrumental part of the music. I gather it is primarily of synthesized origin, but very well done. There are often multiple voices and of course noticeable reverberation. There are also some male voices chanting. In the few more uptempo selections it reminded me of George Harrison’s Hari Krishna album. The CD comes up as New Age genre in iTunes and that is probably accurate, but it seems to me more tasteful and with more depth than many New Age albums. The readings by Turner are especially moving. A most worthwhile project, and all proceeds from the CD sales go to spiritual education programs for children and youth.”

  3. Shambhala Sun Review


    “Beyond: Buddhist and Christian Prayers is a collaborative CD delivering a spiritual message, which was released this fall in the United States. Featuring rock icon Tina Turner, Dechen Shak-Dagsay, a Tibetan mantra singer, and Regula Curti, a Christian and music therapist, the CD was inspired by an inter-religious dialogue between the Dalai Lama and Swiss monk, Abbot Martin Werlen. At times contemplative, and at others jubilant, Beyond is a compelling compilation of original Buddhist and Christian music, ranging from Tibetan Mantras to medieval chant to Turner’s personal chants. “The Beyond Project is an invitation to open up a space where it is possible to include each individual to contribute to this vision,” says Tina Turner. “We are all the same, looking to find our way back to the source.” Peace is the abiding message of the record, going beyond hate and fear to recognize our inexorable connection with every living thing. Beyond is a great gift for yoga teachers and meditation practitioners as it succeeds at soothing while avoiding the pitfalls of generic relaxation music. The songs flow seamlessly into each other providing enough variation to keep your attention while transporting you to a peaceful place. The CD’s fusion of styles and vocal techniques works surprisingly well, and a rich palette of textures result from the use of instruments like didgeridoo, horns, chimes, and sitar. Impeccably arranged, recorded, and produced, listening to Beyond comforts and delights like sitting in front of a burning fire on a winter night.”

  4. Go 386 Review


    “What’s love got to do with it with Tina Turner’s new album, “Beyond”? Quite a bit . . . in a Buddhist way. Billed as “Tina Turner’s first spiritual recording,” “Beyond” is a collection of Buddhist prayers set to music composed by singer Dechen Shak-Dagsay, a Tibetan Buddhist; Christian prayers set to traditional music and original compositions by singer Regula Curti, a Christian; and chanting and readings by Turner, a practicing Buddhist. Sonically, the album sounds like a cross between those chanting monk albums and Enya, that New Age chanteuse. “Beyond” was released this week on New Earth Records. See a nine-minute promo video at”

  5. James Reed of the Boston Globe Review


    “Nothing lasts forever. No one lives forever. The flower that fades and dies. Winter passes and spring comes. Embrace the cycle of life. That is the greatest love.’’ Tweet 1 person Tweeted this Submit to Diggdiggsdigg Yahoo! Buzz ShareThis After three minutes of hallowed chants and orchestral overtures, those are the first words you hear Tina Turner intone on her collaborative new album, “Beyond.’’ She sounds so regal that you’ll be forgiven if you suddenly envision Turner in her full “Thunderdome’’ regalia. If there’s ever been a performance that screams “big hoop earrings and metallic shoulder pads!’’ this is it. But it’s not intended as a bit of camp. Quite the opposite: “Beyond’’ is an album of Buddhist and Christian prayers set to spiritual music with Turner joined by singers Dechen Shak-Dagsay (a Tibetan Buddhist) and Regula Curti (a Christian). Released overseas last year, “Beyond’’ will be out in the here on Sept. 14 through New Earth Records. It’s a fascinating exploration of interreligious understanding, but it’s also a highly esoteric project. The music is immaculate, and, of course, there’s the shock and novelty of hearing Turner chanting prayers and delivering spoken-word interludes. That’s not too surprising, though, given Turner’s long association with Buddhism. “What’s Love Got to Do With It,’’ the 1993 film adapted from her autobiography, ended with a scene featuring Turner reciting the Lotus Mantra. Still, when you hear her transformation from secular to sacred, it’s astonishing to realize how far she’s come since “Nutbush City Limits.’’

  6. Lisa Torem of Penny Black Music Review


    “Bringing together corresponding pieces from Christian and Tibetan Buddhist traditions, as has been done here, will allow listeners to share in these prayers, stirring thoughts of deeper respect and peace in their lives,” comments His Holiness The Dalai Lama, in regards to ‘Beyond-Buddhist and Christian Prayers’, a 15 track CD collaboration composed and performed by two vocalists; Dechen Shak-Dagsay, a Tibetan Buddhist, and Regula Curti, who, already well acquainted with Buddhist and Hindu prayers in the tradition of the Sikhs, goes on to celebrates traditional and original Christian prayers. Prominent to this mystical, musical mix, is the talented Tina Turner, who recites readings and chants, at crucial cadence points, which enhances the album’s melismatic sonic landscape. In addition, Turner’s full-bodied voice threads meaningful insights throughout; “Love inspires and empowers us to do great things and makes us a better person to love,” she reminds us with genuine warmth during one of the project’s interludes. In 1993, Turner’s autobiography, ‘I, Tina’ was made into a feature film, ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’. As this dramatic tour de force closes, the camera lens shows the dynamic entertainer chanting the words to the Lotus Sutra, “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo” which is a mantra she credits with transforming her life; the performer of such hits as ‘Proud Mary’ and ‘Private Dancer’ has been a practising Buddhist for more than 30 years. The soulful singer’s intermittent chanting of this mantra in sonorous tones, however, is merely one aspect of the project’s foray into uncharted waters. The delicious melody of ‘Dance with the Devine’ and the spellbinding, but raw beauty of the classic ‘Ave Maria’ also contribute to give the project an unprecedented look as spiritual messages from the text of universal religions come together passionately. Shak-Dagsay, like Turner, has had to overcome major personal obstacles. Along with her family, she fled to India in 1959 escaping the Chinese occupation of Tibet, then settled in Switzerland in 1963. She has released four CDs with New Earth Records, since 2005 and has been appointed Ambassador of Peace for the Tibetan people. The well-travelled singer, “For us Tibetans, reciting or singing mantras is one of the most effective ways of quickly producing a peaceful state of mind.” The collaboration of these spiritually committed performers and their resultant compositions is stellar. The elegant, though subtle interplay of language, including Latin and Tibetan, the slight shifts of mood, the powerful, though reflective affirmations uttered by Turner and the all-around collective optimism makes the Beyond project one worth exploring deeply with an open mind and compassionate heart.”

  7. Caithleen Carter Steeves


    ” I want to first say thank you to Great Spirit to you and to the pathway that has brought us to this CD.I live with a learning disability and find at times it is very calming and I can focus better after chanting I do meditation too at these times but have no keans to learn with someone how to chant. Thank you so much.”

  8. b. gorro


    “the unity is happening and the whole universe is inside me when i see and hear such beauty thanks i love you so so so much that i know you feel it”

  9. DailyOm


    Beyond words and imagination, beyond the margins between different faiths, there is a place where compassion and joy and enlightenment meet. On Beyond: Buddhist and Christian Prayers, three strong women gather in that place to unite the devotional hymns of two cultures into a single offering of peace and faith. One of them, Dechen Shak-Dagsay, is a native Tibetan mantra singer and the daughter of respected Tibetan Lama Dagsay Rinpoche; the second, Regula Curti, is a music therapist, yoga teacher and singer with a deep knowledge of Christian prayer traditions. The third is none other than Tina Turner, a living icon of empowerment and a Buddhist practitioner. Singing and chanting together over a relaxing bed of synthesized music, these three women help us open our hearts and minds to the spiritual messages they so beautifully convey.

    Beyond demonstrates, on both philosophical and musical levels, how naturally the prayers of two of the world‚s major religions can blend. The lifesblood of “Sound of Mystic Law” is Turner‚s invocation of the Lotus sutra, the central prayer of Nichiren Buddhism. As she intones the ancient Sanskrit words “Nam myoho renge kyo,” Curti‚s Latin words ˆ taken from a standard Christian prayer ˆ dip in and out of Turner‚s hypnotic stream of syllables. Though the belief systems that gave rise to these two texts are as different as can be, the trance-inducing effects of their chant traditions binds them together.

    Out of the caressing atmosphere of “Compassionate Love” comes the curling vocal lines of Shak-Dagsay‚s Buddhist mantra, dedicated to Tara, the female Buddha of compassion. Overlapping with her wonder-filled melodies are Curti‚s familiar words of the Roman Catholic “Ave Maria” prayer. Beautiful enough as they are by themselves, these prayers transcend their origins when they‚re paired and placed on such delicate pillows of accompaniment. By the time that the album-ending “Devotion” combines the Christian “amen” with a mantra thanking the guru that introduced Buddhist thought to Tibet in the 8th century, we‚ve reached a tranquil spot where faith and knowledge bases meet, music and spirit unite. It is a healing place to be, and Beyond: Buddhist and Christian Prayers takes us there.

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