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In Ah This – Osho Talks, Osho introduces his audience to Zen, with its emphasis on being alert and attentive to the simplest acts of ordinary life as a way to experience meditation. He reminds his listeners that the most profound insights into the nature of reality are found in moments when we are—by accident or intention—free from our usual patterns, habits and expectations. Zen stories serve as a starting point for several talks in the series, illuminating the nature of that rare and precious human capacity to transcend the limits of the rational mind. In alternating talks, Osho responds to questions from listeners about how these insights can be applied to everyday challenges and life concerns.

For more than 35 years, Osho, a contemporary mystic, met with international audiences and addressed both the timeless and timely concerns of individuals seeking a greater understanding of themselves and their world. His talks were recorded live, have been remastered in high-quality MP3 sound, and are published here in their original series format.

“There are no lessons in Zen. Zen is not a teaching but a device to awaken you. It is not information, it is not knowledge. It is a method to shake you up, to wake you up.” – Osho

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    “Zen is one of the most difficult religious practices to understand; students of Zen need all the help they can get. ‘Ah This: Osho Talks on Zen’ is not an introductory work; it is a tool for students in the Western world to learn some of the stories of Zen teachers.
    This CD contains lectures on the differences between East and West, and talks about the origins of Buddhism and Taoism and their ultimate merging in Zen. A mystic for more than 35 years, Osho says he speaks so that he might create silence, and his lectures emphasize being alert and attentive to the present moment.
    Each of the eight lectures is at least an hour and a half, and all are great ways for customers to create a quiet space for themselves. These talks are essential to customers who are trying to bring authentic Zen into their lives without the aid of a mentor. Osho becomes that mentor by being honest and compassionate about all aspects of Zen religious and spiritual life.”

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    “Wonderful discourses from Osho in really good quality recording. A real joy of listening! Thank you for making this treasure available.”

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