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Terry Oldfield takes the listener on a serene cosmic tour with Across the Universe: an evocative exploration of Terry’s timeless music.

Across the Universe blends uplifting flutes with ethereal vocals, creating a timeless musical sound scape that beckons its listener to melt away from day to day life. The lyrics are odes to the night sky, and the vastness of our earth and the universe beyond. This album is a treasure and a magical accompaniment for any of the healing arts, relaxation and meditation!

“Across The Universe is about the yearning to be free that becomes so much a part of human condition as we travel the pathways of liberation. Relaxing new age, soundtrack-oriented instrumentals dominate the mix but lovely vocals contribute to the expressive texture of the album. Includes plenty of female vocals that should entice Maire Brennan, Enya and Shanon enthusiasts, it should be explored further. Worth a journey-it is a nice and relaxing listen!” – Musical Discoveries

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    “Terry Oldfield’s albums often bridge the divide between earthy and ethereal, usually leaning toward one side or the other. Across the Universe is situated solidly in the ethereal camp, featuring his trademark flute playing woven into synthesized dreamscapes that evoke the grandeur that the album’s title suggests. Singer Karen Debonnaire’s pure, slightly frail vocals waft through most of the tracks., further bolstering the album’s otherworldly ambience and peaceful vibe. Piano, mystical keyboard tones and light rhythmic elements complete the package, forming a beautiful atmosphere that encourages the listener to relax and let go.”

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    “Across the Universe: Just as much Beatles as it is Jack deJohnette and Oldfield himself, this is a groovy new age set that mixes a little Celtica with some laid back Cirque du Soleil and a host of other elements the suburban yuppie single mom gets into when she’s feeling offbeat and unconventional. A dandy sonic getaway, Oldfield is a great and trusted sonic tour guide that gets you from hear to there effectively but lets you stop and smell the roses as well as enjoy the sonic scenery along the way. Another winner from the master.”

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    “Terry Oldfield’s ACROSS THE UNIVERSE is a beautifully ethereal album, featuring his trademark flute playing woven into synthesized dreamscapes that evoke the grandeur that the album’s title suggests. Sweet vocals waft through many of the tracks, alongside piano, mystical keyboard tones and light rhythmic elements.”

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