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Terry Oldfield’s journeys with the flute have taken him in many directions, allowing him to sample many different cultures. With A Time for Peace, the journey he takes is of the internal variety. Set against gentle nature ambiance (bubbling water, birdsong, crickets), Oldfield constructs a tapestry of airy winds, cello, harp, guitar and synthesized atmosphere that fills the listener with quietude and aids in the release of tension. This is a beautifully soothing album that will make it easy for you to forget you cares and wait for a short while and embrace the healing power of music.


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    “In these times of war and, violence and unrest in so many areas of the world, we need to draw away for a time of quiet and tranquility, of meditation and reflection, to find inner peace. In so doing, we can share that peace with others. This is the focus of Terry Oldfield’s newest CD, one that will also please fans of Deu~ter, especially ‘Full Moon,’ the opening track. Mixing instruments and nature sounds from Australia, Oldfield creates a nice balance and harmonious blend of relaxing music. I especially liked ‘Joy’ and ‘A New Day’ but the entire album does it’s job of creating a sense of inner peace.”

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    “Terry Oldfield’s skill as a flutist have never been more apparent than on A Time For Peace. This lovely album immediately settles listeners into a calmer, more reflective mind set. The notes are clear, strong, and gentle all at once. Vibrating with Oldfield’s breath and his vision of harmonious future.
    The CD begins with the simple, beautiful ‘Full Moon’ which is set to chirping crickets. With ‘Joy’ the music expands to include didgeridoo, piano, and keyboards, but the peaceful simplicity remains. I especially like Oldfield’s deep alto flute on ‘Free as Air’ and the Irish low whistle on ‘Rising Sun.’ Fans of Old school New Age music and relaxation-massage compilations will especially appreciate A Time for Peace.”

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    “Oldfield masterfully weaves delicate flute melodies with keyboards, harp, cello, classical guitar and subtle world sounds in this fully instrumental masterpiece. Rich instrumentation and sensitive tones from the depths of the ocean to the vastness of space create feelings of awe and wonder that are conveyed as the music establishes a welcoming environment for inner peace and reflection.”

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    “From the first sublime notes – accompanied by nature sounds of crickets and tree frogs – A Time for Peace (New Earth Records) stops the hectic world around you and cocoons you in solace. Master flautist Terry Oldfield has been nominated for a British Academy Award and two prestigious Emmy Awards. He writes: “Only if each of us can somehow find our way through to that place of inner peace will we be able to radiate that peace with others. For what else is the world but a reflection of ourselves?” A Time for Peace is a great aid to finding that “place of inner peace.” With flute, didgeridoo, keyboard, pan pipes, Irish whistle, harp, cello, drum, piano, and nature sounds in Oldfield’s original compositions, this music is a great gift to us all. Highly recommended!”

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    “A lot of people talk the talk, but Oldfield walks the walk with his new set that promotes inner peace. Using his formidable and impressive chops to create an impressionistic instrumental outing colored by actual nature sounds from Australia, this is a set that opens the minds and heart of the stressed adult looking for some respite for the time. Tasty throughout, well textured and a sure bet to be looked at as contemporary classical music.”

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    Set against gentle nature ambience (bubbling water, birdsong, crickets), Oldfield constructs a tapestry of airy winds, cello, harp, guitar and synthesized atmosphere that fills the listener with quietude and aids in the release of tension – truly an embrace of the healing power of music.

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