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A Message from Kim Waters

Greetings friends of New Earth. Some of you know, that in addition to being the singer of Rasa, I am also a visual artist. I am currently living in Rockville Maryland, where I have a beautiful studio. Having taken a hiatus from recording or performing, has allowed me to focus more fully, on a couple […]

A Message from Parijat

Recently I have been composing and recording the music for a Chinese documentary about personal growth. It is the first time that I have created music for a film, however I feel as if I’ve always done this. The documentary is currently in the post-production phase – more details, including the name of the film, […]

New Age Music Heals Dogs

New Earth Records was touched to read this message from Big Dog Ranch Rescue to Parijat regarding the healing effects of new age music. Thank you, Geraldina! Hello Parijat, I have been meaning to write to you for some time ~ now here we are ~ the right time has appeared! I hope that you […]

Terry & Soraya 2014 European Tour Dates

October 10, 2014: Concert in Lier, Belgium October 17, 2014: Concert in Strijen, Netherlands October 18, 2014: Concert in Hoogersmilde, Netherlands October 19, 2014: Concert #2 in Strijen, Netherlands October 25, 2014: Concert in Spain October 26, 2014: “The Science of Inner Stillness” Workshop in Spain October 28, 2014: Concert in Copenhagen October 29, 2014: […]

Review of Oldfield’s ‘Celtic Blessing’

The angelic vocals of Imogen Moore bring to life the ancient language of the Celts, accompanied by the gentle calling of Oldfield’s flutes. This symphony of Celtic melodies creates a delicate atmosphere of enchanting peace. Celtic Blessing is a magical album that will enhance any music collection. August 2014 | DailyOm Read More from DailyOm Purchase/Read More […]

Review of Anando’s ‘Sleep Deep’

A former personal assistant and student of the revolutionary meditation teacher Osho, Anando grew up in Australia and worked as an actress, dancer, and lawyer before a visit to India and a meeting with Osho awakened her soul and sense of higher purpose. Since then she’s traveled the world doing workshops, speaking on the health […]

Review of ‘Beyond’

Beyond words and imagination, beyond the margins between different faiths, there is a place where compassion and joy and enlightenment meet. On Beyond: Buddhist and Christian Prayers, three strong women gather in that place to unite the devotional hymns of two cultures into a single offering of peace and faith. One of them, Dechen Shak-Dagsay, […]

Review of Oldfield’s ‘Dancing through the Chakras’

Flautist and composer Terry Oldfield and his wife, Australian–born Soraya Saraswati, have spent years traveling across the globe, giving workshops that combine music with meditation and holistic healing. Dancing Through the Chakras is a single-track CD, a long, beautiful path to the ecstasy of increased mind-body-spirit awareness through dance and focus on our bodies’ seven […]

Review of Parijat’s ‘The Healing Path’

Parijat (classical guitar, electric sitar, piano, percussion, keyboards, and synth programming) takes the listener on a supremely relaxing voyage down The Healing Path, another excellent recording from New Earth Records. The artist has become one of the most consistently reliable in the New Age genre for soothing soundscapes ideally suited for massage, spa, and other […]

Review of Kamal’s ‘Zen Mama’

Something about Kamal’s music has a universal appeal. Perhaps it’s the fact that the globe-trotter was born in Germany and now lives in Australia. Or perhaps it is that not only is he a classically trained guitarist but also equally versed in the world of synthesizers. Both make for an artist who has much experience […]

Review of Parijat’s ‘Prayer to Love’

Ever since his first album, Offerings, we’ve been enchanted by the music of Parijat. In Prayer to Love he offers six sublime compositions played on classical guitar, electric sitar, Chinese harp, piano, percussion and keyboards–music he calls “prayerful journeys” inspired by mystical and musical traditions around the globe. Journey to the Center begins this odyssey […]

Oshodontics with Devageet

Swami Devageet’s 2014 Seminar Schedule August 2: Niwot, Colorado | Meta-Meditation Day August 8-10: Austin, Texas | Osho’s Akashic Transmission | A Taster August 16-23: Cancun, Mexico | The Mud and the Lotus | Transomatic Starlight for Self-Healing September 16-28: Aegina, Greece | Akashic-Transomatic Seminar Retreat with model sessions October 1-20: Aegina, Greece | Akashic-Transomatic Buddhafield […]

Review of Parijat’s ‘Buddha Garden’

German composer–guitarist Parijat creates music with no purpose other than creating space: “The silence and space which gets created through the music…is very precious for me,” he notes. With his embracing of slow, melodic structures via his nylon-string guitar, Parijat’s music dissolves stress and tension as if he’s merely helping you off with your coat […]

ZMR Award Concert Nomination for ‘Dream Time’

We are excited to announce that Deuter’s ‘Dream Time’ has been nominated for Best Relaxation/Meditation album! Award Winners will be announced on May 17th, 2014 at the 10th Annual ZMR Awards Presentation and Live Concert in New Orleans, Louisiana. Special thanks to Zone Music Reporter for the nomination and invitation! Read more about ZMR Music […]

Review of Deuter’s ‘Dream Time’

Master multi-instrumentalist Deuter takes a broader musical approach on Dream Time than on many of his meditative releases of recent years. From the opening cheerfulness of “Harlequin & Pierrot” (on which he plays banjo for the first time), it’s obvious this New Age music pioneer is setting the bar higher still for his contemporaries, both […]

Review of Chinmaya Dunster’s ‘Meditation Ragas’

Chinmaya Dunster focuses his musical talents (sarod, guitars, keyboards, bamboo flute, and tabla) on the goal of creating musical meditations rooted in Indian ragas married to Western chord structures. Each of these seven meditations focuses on either a scent, body part, or the mind, e.g. sight, sound, taste, heart, and consciousness. Long-time fans of Dunster’s […]

Our new office in Colorado!

We have finally moved into our new office in Niwot, Colorado – just outside of Boulder. After four months of massive remodeling, we are now able to work here. We still have to make finishing touches like adding furniture, plants, and art, but so far it is a good start into 2014! Our friendly New Earth […]

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