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Review of Deuter’s ‘Sea & Silence’

The use of calming and serene flutes and keyboards is synonymous with New Age music, and while they can sometimes seem overwrought, that’s never the case with the flutes and keyboards of German composer Deuter. His 2003 effort, Sea and Silence, is one of those durably timeless works of minimalist piano and flute, where drones and […]

Review of Koyasan ‘Reiki Sound Healing’

The holistic music wizard known as Deuter has made a career of composing soothing, stirring albums. His oeuvre transcends the boundaries of East and West, as well as the relaxing “spa” sound of New Age music and goes for the more outré and mysterious sound of ambient. OnKoyasan he focuses special attention on the instruments of […]

Review of Kamal’s ‘Reiki Whale Song’

Australian music composer Kamal duets with the mysterious and resonant sounds of the humpback whales for Reiki Whale Song, an album specifically designed to correspond to techniques of the ancient healing art of reiki. Kamal’s soft and unobtrusive synthesizer washes forge the link between the depths and the surface, the human ear and the vocalizing of […]

Review of ‘Grace’

“GRACE/various: A classically styled meditation album collected from the catalogs of several of the label reliable, stalwarts, this collection is one of those well woven, well chosen sets that invites you to dig deeper. Far from being the kind of new age that’s the punch line of jokes, this is a solid collection aimed primarily […]

Review of Kavi’s ‘Breath of Fire’

Poet, mystic, musician, and Pink Floyd fan Kavi Jezzi Hockaday played guitar in various bands around London before a love affair with his yoga teacher led to jamming in her yoga studio for trance workouts. Breath of Fire is a fine example of Kavi’s gift: a dynamic workout soundtrack for kundalini yoga. This form of the practice […]

Review of Deuter’s ‘Ocean Waves’

A gifted composer of minimalist yet deeply eloquent spirit-healing music, Deuter has been making music for decades, often turning to the sounds of ocean waves and flowing water to provide the perfect semi-anchored sense of drifting. The one hand-clapping root of rootless spirit provides a gentle yet strong, unceasing mellow flow to his music. His […]

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