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Review of Parijat’s ‘Prayer to Love’

Ever since his first album, Offerings, we’ve been enchanted by the music of Parijat. In Prayer to Love he offers six sublime compositions played on classical guitar, electric sitar, Chinese harp, piano, percussion and keyboards–music he calls “prayerful journeys” inspired by mystical and musical traditions around the globe. Journey to the Center begins this odyssey […]

Oshodontics with Devageet

Swami Devageet’s 2014 Seminar Schedule January 8-22: Kiev | Transomatic Starlight Colour Dialogue Training | Module 2 January 8-15: Kiev | Dream Dialogue | Open January 16-22: Kiev | Past-Life Dialogue March 16-29: Osho Miasto, Italy | Transomatic Starlight Colour Dialogue Training | Module 2 March 16-22: Osho Miasto, Italy | Dream Dialogue | Open […]

Review of Parijat’s ‘Buddha Garden’

German composer–guitarist Parijat creates music with no purpose other than creating space: “The silence and space which gets created through the music…is very precious for me,” he notes. With his embracing of slow, melodic structures via his nylon-string guitar, Parijat’s music dissolves stress and tension as if he’s merely helping you off with your coat […]